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  1. Peaches&Mango

    Fur matting / questions about kitten vs adult coat

    He is gorgeous! My aunt owns a dog groomers and whilst working there we used a tool for matted dogs that was incredibly helpful that I can recommend. I’m sure it can be of the same use to cats. I’ll add an image below, these were so useful and I found that you could be more precise with the...
  2. Peaches&Mango

    What is my cat's fur pattern/colour?

    Not sure I’m giving an answer here but my lynx point also has a classic tabby pattern on his sides, so I’m guessing yes just patterning of the lynx point it shows the pattern on the body as they age and get darker? You couldn’t ever see my Mango’s pattern on the sides before he darkened up, he...
  3. Peaches&Mango

    Experiences With Keeping Back A Kitten

    We kept two of my girls kittens, one boy and one girl, she adores them both so either gender I think could work. Her daughter is not yet spayed but mum has no issue with this, though I guess I’m just lucky my lot aren’t too territorial. She plays with them, cuddles them and grooms them often...
  4. Peaches&Mango

    pictures of Cats enjoying their cat trees

    A day into the new tree, I had their approval :yess: since then there’s always someone on or in it, money well spent I say!
  5. Peaches&Mango

    Flame point Siamese

    Here are some comparison photos thatit helps of my flame lynx point Mango. I could probably find some better ones and ones of him very young but I’ve got a lot of photos to go through and I’m in a rush for work :lol:
  6. Peaches&Mango

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Never too old, (or too big!) for a mummy cuddle :hearthrob:
  7. Peaches&Mango

    What nicknames do you have for your cat?

    We have four here Peaches - Peach, peachy, mummy’s princess. princess (which we’d obviously started a habit of saying too frequently because she’d also come to this as well as her name:lol:) baby girl, pretty girl Mango - little guy (not so little anymore but this was a kitten name) Mr Mango...
  8. Peaches&Mango

    Runaround from breeder. What can I do?

    I also had a snoop, she had a picture of about 4 orientals on her lap so maybe she’s switched breeds?? *Edit* there are two photos of such and they were uploaded in January THIS YEAR. There is mention of the cattery, but way back in 2010! It seems to be the right woman *Edit* she’s also got...
  9. Peaches&Mango

    Show me your eyes

    Peaches asking for a cuddle, which happens A LOT… could it be I can’t resist that face so I give in every time :lol:
  10. Peaches&Mango

    Post pics of calicos, tortieshells and orange cats here!

    My cream and white girl Rhubarb, though we just call her Rhu ❤️
  11. Peaches&Mango

    Picture of the Month Dec 2022 : Party Animals! Cats Celebrating!

    This was a tough one to choose, but here’s our family photo all in matching pyjamas 🎄❤️ This was last year before the babies! I don’t think I could manage 4 cats looking directly at the camera on timer 😂
  12. Peaches&Mango


    I have a photo of an actual bum, not quite sure what she was doing 😂
  13. Peaches&Mango

    Eye sore

    Sorry I realise I forgot to add on the photo! It’s much better. I’m sure he can’t wait to get the cone off! I’m just being cautionary still until it’s completely gone
  14. Peaches&Mango

    Siamese and other Colorpoint kitties thread 😻

    Mango waiting for me to turn the tap on so he can sit in the sink with it 🤦🏼‍♀️
  15. Peaches&Mango

    Eye sore

    For the pred as it’s a human drug apparently and has not been fully safety tested for use on animals, so you basically sign to say you accept that and they’re not accountable for any side affects. Thank you :) I will do a little update below!
  16. Peaches&Mango

    What's the story behind your username?

    Mine is rather simple with not a lot of thought behind it, I just named it after two of my cats, Peaches and Mango. We now have Blueberry and Rhubarb to go with, but that would be a rather long username :lol:
  17. Peaches&Mango

    Breeding a queen multiple times a year... is it ethical to go with this breeder?

    I agree with Furballsmom, and do think it’s odd they didn’t ask questions imo. I also think 9 weeks is too early to be taken, along with the multiple litters in the duration seems too many for the Queen. Have they been health tested etc? I’m not overly experienced so I’m sure others will add...
  18. Peaches&Mango

    Eye sore

    So he’s been put onto Clavaseptin for antibiotics and has also been given steroids (prednisolone). He has an appointment booked for a week today to do a check up but obviously have been advised that he should return sooner if anything changes. She does think it was a scratch or something, but...
  19. Peaches&Mango

    Eye sore

    Yes I agree ☹️ thank you, I will do an update when I have it!
  20. Peaches&Mango

    Eye sore

    Also like to add he has quite large eyes, I’m not sure if this could be a cause Thank you for the advice, I’d heard of using chamomile tea for other things but didn’t know it could help this. I’ll give it a try!