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    Ivermectin for ear mites in cats

    Is this article any use.
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    Kitten Diarrhea. Help!!

    I bought mine from Amazon
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    Kitten Diarrhea. Help!!

    Just thinking out loud here. Is the Hills food chicken? Often cats are allergic to chicken, as is mine, maybe try a cat food that is not chicken, you will know if that's the culprit in a few days. Also, I have had a lot of luck with s boulardii for firming up the stools.
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    *update on Jemima’s eating

    She's gorgeous. I hope the specialist solves her problem and yes, please keep us posted.
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    Question of the Day, Friday, June 5

    Roast chicken every time.
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    Kitten name ideas? and some questions!

    Hi @catheetiem and kitty, welcome to the site, so glad you joined. Your kitten looks like a Murphy to me, a good Irish name. Cats sense of smell is extremely sensitive so try rubbing some catnip on your hands to attract him. Everything is new to him at the moment, new home, strange smells...
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    Question about cat health

    It could be a hairball. Put a blob of vasaline on his paw or nose for him to lick off, this should help him pass it. If he is still heaving tomorrow I would contact your vet just to be on the safe side.
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    Intestinal Biopsy: Is it totally safe?

    Her bottom could well be sore from all the diarrhoea and that may be the cause of her howling and screaming prior to using the little box. Why she constantly meows for food I dont know as its obvious she is eating plenty. Sorry I dont have the answer for you but hopefully another member will...
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    Please help

    It could be infected. Can you see anything in the paw, a cut, an infected spot. If you cant take him to your vet, phone and ask if you can send the photo to them.
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    June 2020 book of the month club

    Welcome @Nessie972 . The book for June is Night Sins by Tami Hoag. Hope you enjoy it and join in the discussions later in the month.
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    Male cat acting odd several symptoms..

    Could be teeth, gums, throat. Are you able to look in his mouth to see if there is anything obvious. I would make a vets appointment to have him checked out.
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    Question of the day - June 3

    Mine like it deep, about 4/5 inches. After all, the more litter, the more to throw out of the box and onto the floor.
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    She's changed

    I would try feeding wet only during the day, its more filling and less calorific. You could leave a small amount of dry food out overnight that she can nibble on.
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    Does anyone cats do this

    I think they do it to annoy us. Not only do we have to wash the bowl but the floor too.
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    Does anyone cats do this

    One of mine does the same, not all the time but often.
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    How to gain weight (for people)

    Smoothies and shakes might appeal to him. Whole grain bread, cereal, nuts, pasta that sort of thing.
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    I Don't Know What To Do - 15+yo Cat

    Thats good news, well done Feeby. I hope she continues to enjoy her food and give you a break from the worry.
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    Name ideas for my Kitten?

    He is beautiful and looks so proud in the first photo. Earl Grey Captain Cute Gabriel Skipper
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    My cat is no longer affectionate. Please help

    I have found that cats can be fickle. Yours has had a lot of changes in his life in a short time and is just adjusting to things. Give him time, dont force him to do anything he doesnt want to. Pick him up for a few seconds and if he wants to go down, let him. Do this several times a day and he...
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    Pregnant cat overdue? Updated

    Are you going to keep any of the kittens? They are so adorable I would want to keep them all. You and Mama are doing a great job.