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  1. silkenpaw


    If it is viral conjunctivitis, that can take several days to get better. Bacterial infection will respond to the antibiotic; that can also take a few days. The only thing I would worry about is Chlamydia. I don’t know how well your ointment covers that. Might be worth a call to your vet.
  2. silkenpaw

    Can Change Of Food Give A Cat High Blood Sugar Levels? Please Read!

    Although some human diabetes can be caused by diet, I don’t believe this is the case in cats. And of course all cats do well on a low carbohydrate diet, that’s what they would get in the wild. My cat has diabetes. She gets an insulin shot twice a day. The shots are very easy to give and the cat...
  3. silkenpaw

    Terrfied Of Fip

    @rosegold I am so sorry about your Chai! She was such a pretty cat. FIP is a cruel disease. :(
  4. silkenpaw

    Terrfied Of Fip

    I understand your fear. I lost a cat to FIP and it’s an experience I do not want to repeat. The thing about FIP, though, is that you can’t predict it. You are right that a lot of cats are positive for coronavirus and the mutation to FIP is unpredictable. I don’t think there are even any tests...
  5. silkenpaw

    Hurricane / Emergency Disaster Prepardness For Your Pets

    Thank you for posting the checklists, @LTS3. I try to have everything ready by the beginning of the summer. I make a box to take with us if we have to leave home. I thought all shelters accepted animals after the Hurricane Rita disaster (when people didn’t go to shelters because they didn’t...
  6. silkenpaw

    Can Anybody Plese Help Me Find Out?

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Great photos! I think I know what you are talking about. At 4 o’clock in the left picture and 8 o’clock in the right picture, yes? I don’t know what they are but I’ve seen them in cats’ eyes before. I think they are a normal anatomical structure. Blood vessels...
  7. silkenpaw

    Kitten With Cerebellar Hypoplasia

    Bless you for adopting these cats. I have a paraplegic cat. He wears a diaper because he has no bowel or bladder control. He has no idea there’s anything wrong with him and he’s the happiest guy!
  8. silkenpaw

    Snotty Nose... No Other Symptoms?

    Could be allergies. Has she been tried on antihistamines?
  9. silkenpaw

    Feral's Eye Looks Strange

    It might be the result of an injury. it doesn’t look inflamed at this point, so whatever it is is probably well-healed and the cat may have good vision in that eye. My Armani’s eye looks worse and his vision (checked by ophthalmology) is excellent. Do show the photo to a vet, they have the...
  10. silkenpaw

    Raw Nose

    I don’t think it’s anything fatal but he does need a vet if it’s been going on for a while. Obviously vaseline isn’t cutting it. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  11. silkenpaw

    Beginner About To Adopt A Cat From Shelter

    Yay, Zyngi the ginger says says concatulations! And, yes, a name, please.
  12. silkenpaw

    Coughed After Liquid Meds?

    Does he still have the feeding tube?
  13. silkenpaw

    Cat With Hurt Leg

    That’s a pretty good thing. Just make sure you don’t let the abscess close up again. Warm compresses a couple of times a day for as long as she’ll let you keep them there should do it.
  14. silkenpaw

    Uri In New Kittens

    Congratulations on your new kittens! And kudos to you for adopting two. Kittens should come in pairs. To give ointment to cats, put about a ¼” of the ointment on the ball of your right index finger. Hold the eye open with your left hand and apply the ointment to the eyeball (or the red, swollen...
  15. silkenpaw

    Which Would Be Less Cruel?

    I can only tell you what I did. I moved with my two cats 3 times, from a student apartment, to a large apartment with a 3 story house to run around in, back to student housing and to another house. They could have stayed with my mother but they were my cats and my home was their home.
  16. silkenpaw

    Help Me, My Kitty Is Sick. :(

    Do not be embarrassed! Everyone knows how recalcitrant cats can be when it comes to being washed! And please don’t worry about her being put down ahead of time. Diarrhea is a symptom of many treatable diseases. @jen is right about a senior blood panel that includes thyroid levels...
  17. silkenpaw

    Heavy Object Fell On Kitty's Paw Yesterday, Now It Is Very Swollen

    Unfortunately I agree with the other posters. Pain and swelling suggests a fracture and the paw has to be Xrayed and set properly. Please let us know what happens.
  18. silkenpaw

    Cat With Hurt Leg

    Great that she can be seen by a vet tomorrow. Let us know what they think. And yes, a clear discharge is normal whenever there is broken skin.
  19. silkenpaw

    I Can't Believe I'm Back With Another Issue - Colitis From Metacam!

    Don’t stress out! Remember, you can’t do your cat any good unless you are well yourself. Go on Youtube and watch videos on how to medicate a cat. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of good ideas. Good luck and keep us updated, please.
  20. silkenpaw

    My 9 Year Old Male Cat

    Give it some time. Cats are not engines, they need time to recover after a “repair.” Any antibiotic needs time to work; you may not see improvement for a day or two. Keep doing what you are doing. Your beautiful Harry may not feel the need to drink now that he’s gotten fluids. Keep adding water...