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  1. pushylady

    My Journey Towards Better Health

    Adding my vibes to the mix. :vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes: I hope you're doing OK and are on the mend.
  2. pushylady

    Kitten who can't move

    Oh wow, look at him now! That's so amazing. Thank you for updating. What a lucky kitty to have received so much love and care so that he can now live a good life.
  3. pushylady

    Name Three Things - 2018

    @Winchester you're making me hungry! You and your delicious meals! I did a bit of baking yesterday, but I have a bunch of bananas to use up so perhaps some muffins can come out of that. We are going to put up the curtain rod in the dining room that has taken us a month to get around to. And...
  4. pushylady

    I've never seen a cat like mine before

    She's so pretty, and she's posing so well!
  5. pushylady

    Picky Cat And Food Toppers

    I agree with @duckpond that that amount is fine. I use them a lot myself, and yes at this point I have to add a topper to every wet meal for Wiggies to eat it. I mix up what I use though because he's fussy so I don't want him to "go off" something. Have you tried something like Stella & Chewy...
  6. pushylady

    Tube Feeding - Potential Problem, Urgent, Please Help

    It's wonderful that he's so much better!
  7. pushylady

    Kitten Leg Stump Help

    Aww he's so cute and tiny! I'm glad he's got you looking after him.
  8. pushylady

    Sincere Thank You!

    I'm glad you were able to find the help you need. It is wonderful to be part of a caring community, and so helpful to have others who understand how much you care for your pet. Unfortunately it's not always the case off-line and people can be very dismissive.
  9. pushylady

    Kitten Leg Stump Help

    I was under the impression that cat's skin doesn't callous in the same way that human skin does. So he could potentially need stump protection all his life or am I wrong about that?
  10. pushylady


    Congrats! I hope you can go to the banquet. She is such a stunner. I love how the background in the first photo brings out her gorgeous emerald eyes.
  11. pushylady

    Soft Stool Likely From Food. Suggestions?

    Wellness makes cat food as well. My boys used to be on that and they did well poop-wise. My one cat had really soft stools for years before we finally got him sorted out. One of the brands we used to use a lot in their rotation was Wellness, particularly the turkey. But then they started turning...
  12. pushylady

    Warning : Blue Latex Found In Nature's Variety Lid Rabbit Food... Twice!

    :headshake: The things that get into our pet food.... Thank for posting about it. That's not an uncommon brand, and I feed it myself in rotation. I'll be taking a closer look at it next time though!
  13. pushylady

    Help! Cat Ate Hair Tie!

    It took my cat about five days to pass the string he ate, so I would just keep waiting for the hair tie to reappear.
  14. pushylady

    Cat With Allergies: Need Advice

    Poor Thomas! I agree with treating his urinary problems ASAP as you definitely don't want them to get worse. As for his ears, could this be yeast? Maybe an antifungal would work. I'm not really sure about that, just offering an opinion.
  15. pushylady

    Hill's Therapeutic Cat Nutrition

    Is there a shelter or rescue nearby that you could donate to? Perhaps they'd appreciate these cans.
  16. pushylady

    Sam Can't Walk

    I'm so sorry about your partner's health. I hope she improves soon. Between you and Sam looking after her, it sounds like she has a lovely support team.
  17. pushylady

    Scooting And Smearing Poop All Over The Floor

    I agree with @Timmer. That's been my experience when my ct scoots poop all over the floor. He gets a little constipated sometimes and we add psyllium to his wet food and that usually clears him right up. We know he doesn't have worms though, and if your not 100% sure with your cat that's...
  18. pushylady

    Ombre Fur?

    It does look like "regrowth"! Looks like she was originally blonde. :lol: I just checked the dark hair on both my cats and theirs doesn't look like that.
  19. pushylady

    I'm Not Sure What Happened To My Cat!

    Good luck and I hope you get some answers at the vet.
  20. pushylady

    Transitioning A Picky 6 Yo Cat With Lazy Bowels And Allergies To Cooked Diet

    Hmmm, 1/4 tsp is the amount I'd be trying. If she detects it in her food and won't eat it though there's no point. My one cat won't eat his wet if it has too much psyllium in it either. He is a very fussy little boy whereas the other guy will eat it. I knew of someone who got prescribed little...