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  1. fionasmom

    Chylothorax after surgery

    Search Results for Query: pericardectomy I am also very sorry that you are facing this with your cat, and worse, you are facing it after having made the decision to try your hardest to treat him. There is not a lot on TCS about these conditions, but the link above will take you to those...
  2. Q

    Chylothorax after surgery

    I already did some search on this forum (thanks to google) but I did use Chylothorax, not pericardiectomy. I will try that if some others encountered post-surgery issues. The vet who is currently trying to treat Tigrou is not my regular one as mine does not have neither the knowledge or the...
  3. Q

    Chylothorax after surgery that we do not have lots of options as he is filling with blood too quickly and we cannot tap him every 4 days. So either we go to pericardectomy (cut parts of the "bag" (pericard) around the heart to let the blood leak from times to times into the thorax either we stop here and let him...
  4. Lindzee2018

    Fluid In Lungs, Difficulty Breathing, High Calcium Levels recommended if conservative therapy fails to resolve the cylothorax after 14 days. Thoracic duct ligation combined with a pericardectomy is considered the definative treatment for chylothorax and is highly effective. Bilateral chest drains are left in place and flushed for 3-7 days after...
  5. JessRae

    Fluid In Lungs, Difficulty Breathing, High Calcium Levels

    Thank you so much for looking into this for me. Unfortunately she doesn't have chylothorax. The cause of her Pleural Effusion is unknown, but suspected to be due to the cancer in her lungs.
  6. mrsgreenjeens

    Thoracic Duct Ligation

    ...anyone doing that, but did mnage to find this site that discusses more than one surgery.  It appears that THORACIC DUCT LIGATION WITH PERICARDECTOMY is the best option for cats, although it is very difficult and invasive.  Here's the website:
  7. couchcat

    Chylothorax...please help me help Butters

    ...which is much harder to drain. I've looked at the surgical options online and from what I can understand they are now performing pericardectomy along with the thoractic duct ligation since previously the ligation alone did not have a very good success rate. My vet is not equipped or...