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    Pete needs some good vibes!

    It's been a while since I've posted here - many, many new faces (and I few that I remember from the past!). Please send good vibes to my dear cat Pete. He's been at the vet's office since Sunday, November 29th, suffering from multiple urinary blockages. I believe we're swiftly approaching PU...
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Janet Jackson's "Just a little while" <--my attempt at dancing! (yay for launch music videos playing in the background!)
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    Watch over your kitties (a memorial)

    I lost my cat, DJ, of cancer last Friday. He had been a healthy cat all of the 14 (nearly 15) years of his life. He was my father's constant companion - although he was an indoor cat, he would easily have followed my father around the block on his morning walk if he could! He was a loving cat...
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    Hi, everyone!

    Well, I'm yet another new face in the crowd I've had cats since I was 6...making it a 15 year total at this point. My DJ passed away last week from cancer (myself and my family are still in the process of grieving, but we're gettin' there...), so I'm currently spending as much time with my...