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  1. teamcarp33

    10 teeny weeny kittens

    Oh, I've foster failed so many times. Nine times to be exact ;) These kittens are killer cute. I love them all, but I would say I'm partial toward basically all the oranges, but also Briar, and also Birdie. Well pretty much all of them, and of course mama Guppy is such a sweet sweet and funny...
  2. teamcarp33

    10 teeny weeny kittens

    Thanks everyone! They are supercuties and absolutely worth all the work :) I'm not planning on keeping any, but that will be hard because I've gotten very attached. However, I have 8 cats and I feel like that's already on the verge of crazy ;) so I really shouldn't.
  3. teamcarp33

    10 teeny weeny kittens

    Oops, that last post was a mistake. Group shot of all ten will be a trick ;)  This is Poppy, one of the three littlest littles... Robin, Walden and an unidentified belly wrestling ;) Poppy again- she has the sweetest little face Sprout!!! The littlest little and the sweetest little...
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  14. teamcarp33

    10 teeny weeny kittens

    I had forgotten how hard kittens are to take pictures of! Here are a couple for now- Mama Guppy Little Fern And Clover :)
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  18. teamcarp33

    10 teeny weeny kittens

    Yes, they were 4 weeks old on Saturday. Noone is a pound yet, but getting really close! The biggest few are between 14 and 15 ounces.
  19. teamcarp33

    10 teeny weeny kittens

    Oh yes, they are in an extra bedroom, and that will be "their" room until they are ready to go. It  does need kitten proofed, but that will be a weekend project. I guess I'm fretting more about having them all together, them competing to nurse, mama getting stressed etc. Maybe as soon as they...