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  1. NekoM

    Red blood in cat poop

    The GI tract is a mystery even in human medicine. I’m not a vet, but all those symptoms together on a person would be a irritable bowel issue. Ask your vet if you can drop off a sample for testing, that way he can avoid a vets visit.
  2. NekoM

    Red blood in cat poop

    This is one of those symptoms that can have multiple causes and would need a sample. Basically there’s bleeding somewhere along the digestive tract, it could as simple as a small cut from the drier poop that comes out after constipation to something complicated that caused the constipation. Lift...
  3. NekoM

    Featured Cat diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

    There’s probably something not happening in the communication. Your vet may have explained things badly, it’s not hard to spot a tumor vs a swelling and given half the chance would run just about every test imaginable if she could, I think she needs to tell you why she isn’t running tests, and...
  4. NekoM

    Cat pees around the house when he wants to go outside

    Is he peeing or spraying, is it always on the floor? Do you know if their are any other cats around outside at night?
  5. NekoM

    Is Nikita becoming a clingy eater?

    Anything rare or unusual is a heads up to make a vet appointment, just for a check up.
  6. NekoM

    New cat found a very tricky hiding place and will not come out.

    I know it’s against instinct but take a step back, it probably sounds weird but the smell of urine in this situation is ok, he’s in a small dark place that smells like him. leave something like a gently worn unscented t shirt around - cats actually like the way we smell. Be patient he will come out.
  7. NekoM

    Pregnant cat?

    They look fairly pink, have you notice them getting puffy at all?
  8. NekoM

    Experiences With Keeping Back A Kitten

    I guarantee you’ll get some great answers, I’m just replying because I’m overwhelmed by the cuteness overload you’ve posted. You definitely win the first post overachievement award!
  9. NekoM

    Safest flea treatment for young cat

    There’s so much contradiction with essential oils out there. has a reliable listEssential Oils for Cats: Benefits, Risks, & Considerations
  10. NekoM

    Safest flea treatment for young cat

    I’ve used Vectra a couple of times in the past which is one of the newer ones, which doesn’t mean it’s any safer - you can’t really dress up chemical flea control, it’s a pesticide absorbed by the skin and metabolized out of the pores. The only advantage with the newer ones is fleas haven’t...
  11. NekoM

    Neutered male pregnant cat??????

    Are you sure all the females are female? It’s hard to tell sometimes.
  12. NekoM

    My 12 year old cat Is not eating, is it a Possible UTI or ingested forigen object?

    It’s hard to say. It’s not something I like to guess, you can’t take chances with symptoms like your describing though, have a vet examine her.
  13. NekoM

    The Little Things My Cat Likes About Me

    I fully believe they have some sort of psychic link and talk about us when we’re not around, lol
  14. NekoM

    Could my cat be losing her eyesight?

    I have an idea that may help you get an earlier appointment. Call the office, tell them that you feel it’s urgent and ask for the doctors email so you can send him/her some photos to look at, include some details and ask the doctor to call you back.
  15. NekoM

    Is my mama cat upset with me for letting her 9 month old daughter get super close with me??

    Its really important to balance the attention. Has there been anything like peeing going on?
  16. NekoM

    Could my cat be losing her eyesight?

    I totally get it. What’s in your favor is they look like they’re in the early stages and its a slow progression. Something I’ve learnt over time is there’s a fast track to see a specialist. All you have to do is continually pester the heck out of them everyday for cancelled appointments or...
  17. NekoM

    Converting Furniture to Play Structure

    She gets all your attention when she’s doing that right? lol Try completely ignoring it first, they get over it quickly when there’s no fun in it. The thing to consider with cats is they have hangouts and spaces that they choose. Building furniture is a big gamble, and can be a big letdown. Cats...
  18. NekoM

    Cat grieving - should I adopt a friend?

    Its completely possible, but it depends on experience or confidence. You have to continually feel out situations before they happen because nothing is predictable. Male cats are more patient with male kittens, but they generally only get territorial if they feel neglected. I was in the same...
  19. NekoM

    cat has skin infection

    Vancouver? This is something I discovered a while back and just looked it up to verify that its a thing - it’s a curveball and I’m going to sound like Dr House. There is something believe or not called Feline Winter Alopecia. During the winter months, we turn the indoor heating up fairly high...