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  1. James&Misty2019

    MISTY TURN 1 year old may 15!!!

    Today one year ago on may 15 2019....A kitten was born....And that kitten was Misty ......I am so happy to have had Misty since she was 11 week old....And hope to have more more years with her 🎁 🍰 ❤️
  2. James&Misty2019

    Misty looking in the mirrior

    Misty 11 weeks
  3. James&Misty2019

    Me and misty

    Misty turned 11 months yesterday
  4. James&Misty2019

    Misty almost 11 month old

    Thank you 🙏🏻
  5. James&Misty2019

    Misty almost 11 month old

    Misty is almost 11 month old 😱
  6. James&Misty2019

    Painting of Misty

    no paid to have it done 😃
  7. James&Misty2019

    Painting of Misty

    Paint of Misty
  8. James&Misty2019

    Misty backpack

    Misty has a backpack 😸😸
  9. James&Misty2019

    Misty want something

    They want something
  10. James&Misty2019

    Misty on patio

    So I take misty out on leash in my condo community.....But list of the time it’s on my patio Because a lot of my neighbor have dogs. And I don’t want to risk one of them running out the door when I have misty outside and something bad happens....Here is misty in a sunny spot on my lower patio
  11. James&Misty2019

    Misty on counter

    Thank 😀😀
  12. James&Misty2019

    Misty on counter

    Misty know she not supposed to be on counter
  13. James&Misty2019

    Misty is 9 months

    Today misty turned 9 months old
  14. James&Misty2019

    Up close

    They get along
  15. James&Misty2019

    Misty in trash bin

    Misty tink you csnt see her
  16. James&Misty2019

    Flame point cats

    Oh no I was just wondering because I’ve seen a few flame points at my shelter 😸😸
  17. James&Misty2019

    Flame point cats

    Oh ok I actually was thinking of that
  18. James&Misty2019

    Flame point cats

    Are all flame point cat’s purebred Siamese ???Or do you need papers to prove your cat is purebred Siamese