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  1. MonaLyssa33

    Smelly Kitten

    My new kitten, Flora, is really smelly. I think she has gas for one, but she also just smells. I remember my parents' cat when she was a kitten also smelled a lot. Is this a kitten thing? I checked and she doesn't have any poop on her.
  2. MonaLyssa33

    Introducing Flora!

    I adopted a kitten today! Her name was Earl (the Girl) and I changed it to Flora. She is about 10 weeks old and absolutely adorable. Remy and Maisie have not officially met her. Remy saw her a few times, but Maisie has not, so she has been indifferent to the closed door. Remy doesn't seem very...
  3. MonaLyssa33

    Vote on a name!

    I received an email that this little lady might be the kitten I will be adopting. Her name right now is Earl (they thought she was a boy). I plan on changing her name, but I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. What do you think she looks like? I do want to meet her before making a final...
  4. MonaLyssa33

    How many cats do you have? (A Poll)

    I'm curious to see what the most common number of cats are in TCS members' homes. Include fosters if you would like.
  5. MonaLyssa33

    On the list to adopt a kitten

    I've been having a lot of dreams about either having a baby or adopting a kitten and it has put the idea in my head about adopting a kitten. The rescue where I got my cats from has been posting on their Instagram about a litter of kittens that are almost ready to be adopted. I was interested in...
  6. MonaLyssa33

    Finished the catio!

    I finished the catio and my cats both seem to approve of it.
  7. MonaLyssa33

    I bought them for my cats...of course

    I bought bird feeders for my cats, of course. They are strictly indoor cats so no birds will be harmed, although there is a squirrel (whom I've named Doug) that I'd like for them to deal with...
  8. MonaLyssa33

    Paint tinting?

    I buy a lot of stuff from local online auction sites and there have been several auction lots for gallons of paint. I'd like to buy these but I don't know if I'd be able to get it tinted anywhere. Does anyone know if that is something I can do? Like, can I bring a gallon of paint to a Home Depot...
  9. MonaLyssa33

    Would it be weird?

    I close on my house next Monday and I was considering giving my real estate agent, for his young son, one of the stuffed animals I've made. I don't know if that is weird or not. I tend to give them away whenever I can because they honestly don't sell well on Etsy. I've never met his son, so...
  10. MonaLyssa33

    Life according to your cat

    According to your cat, what are some of the best things of life or what are the best rules for life? According to Remy, this is the best thing about moving.
  11. MonaLyssa33


    Remy keeps mounting Maisie (or at least it looks that way) and biting her neck at the same time. I don't know why he keeps doing it. They have both been spayed or neutered. Remy has been known to be a little jerk, so that's what I've thought it was. Is there another reason he could be doing this?
  12. MonaLyssa33

    Do your cats have favorite toys?

    Maisie loves this oddly shaped silicone green ball that the shelter actually gave me because they knew it was her favorite. Two years later and it's still her favorite. She also liked this ping pong ball meant to look like an eyeball but I accidentally stepped on it a few weeks ago and broke it...
  13. MonaLyssa33

    Convincing my parents

    My mom is helping me buy a house by contributing $100,000 toward a down payment which came from my grandparents' estate after my grandpa died in July. My mom will essentially be half an owner of my house until I decide I no longer want to live there and can buy a house based on my own income...
  14. MonaLyssa33

    Is handcrafted furniture worth it?

    I feel like I've gone through a lot of couches because they were cheap in price. The main problems I have had with them is they sag in the middle and become uncomfortable. Does anyone have an opinion on handcrafted couches and whether they are more durable than what is typically available in...
  15. MonaLyssa33

    Moving with two cats

    I plan on buying a house sometime this year. I currently live in a studio apartment that has been the only place I have lived with my two cats for the last two years. When it comes time to move, I want to make it as easy and stress free as I can. Since I don't know when I'll be moving or what...
  16. MonaLyssa33

    Maisie is doing so wonderfully!

    I've had Maisie and Remy for almost two years now and in the last few months, Maisie has been more open to me petting her and giving her scritches. I got a video of her one morning showing how far she has come.
  17. MonaLyssa33

    Jealousy over cuddles

    I've had my two for almost two years now. Remy instantly bonded with me and has always been interested in cuddling with me. Maisie, being semi-feral, only started to show interest in cuddles about two or three months ago. The problem I have been having is that Remy seems to get jealous when...
  18. MonaLyssa33

    Does anyone know classical music well?

    I like to listen to classical music when I'm overstimulated because it blocks out outside noises and it doesn't have any voices that add to my stress. I'm trying to find music similar to what I like to listen to, but I don't know what that would be. The piece of classical music I listen to a lot...
  19. MonaLyssa33

    I don't know what it says about me but...

    My 3-year-old niece, Noelle, picked out a gift for me and she gave me a tunnel/hidey-hole thing for my cats. I didn't even think she knew about my cats. She came to my apartment several months ago but neither cat made an appearance. She saw it at Aldi and told my sister it would be good "for...