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  1. solomonar

    Pee once a day - to worry?

    After treating gastritis and a mild bladder inflammation, my 4 years old tomcat, minimized marking and restarted to pee on his litterbox. Once a day. I have no memories about how many times he did it one or two years ago. An internet search is inconclusive, returning, in brief: "it is normal...
  2. solomonar

    Causes of gastritis?

    My cat suffers from gastritis. Prescription is esomeprasol and gastro-entero diet (which refuses). What could trigger this? Thank you!
  3. solomonar

    chicken neck to adult cat?

    Natural diet of cats includes bones and intestines. None is found in commercial food. Is it raw chicken neck safe, as one neck every three days or so? Thank you!
  4. solomonar

    Empty Space

    For almost one year now I crossed a green area patch hosting a small feral colony. In the close background there are bushes and a a construction site. An old lady brought food and water to the colony. I saw her only two times during this period: - One year ago I asked her permission to TNR the...
  5. solomonar

    Can Owner Passing Trough A Feral Colony Rise Risks To Indoor Cats?

    My cat does not eat all can content. He is a small cat. In the second day after opening, I should throw away the remaining content. Instead of doing this barbarous thing, I decided to offer the leftovers to a cat colony nearby (I am not the caregiving person to that colony, thus I just leave...
  6. solomonar

    No Hairball Vomit In Months - Is This Natural?

    My 3 years old integer tomcat never vomits a hairball. He is not constipated. He eats normally (free meals). Three months ago he vomited twice, yellow liquid, but no hairball. Vet said it can be just a result of not feeding for more than 12 hrs (no reason identified). No medication given. I...
  7. solomonar

    What To Prepare For And Manage Cats In Tower Buildings During Earthquakes?

    I attempted a google search, but not very successful, because of excessive generic nature of "cat" word and because of abundance of the links about earthquakes in general. I am preparing an article on this matter to be published (pro-bono and free access) on a blog in my country, so any help...
  8. solomonar

    Cat Depression - A Medical Reality?

    My cat sleeps all the time. That is what the cats do, right? But how much is to much? His physical activity is reduce to night "hunting" (aka running around the room for maybe 20 minutes) and a few minutes "catch-me" play with a toy every morning , before getting the wet food he deserves :-)...
  9. solomonar

    Urine Marking Management?

    My 3 years old tomcat Pischiriz (his name :-)) is not neutered. Indoor only. He marks places indoor, mostly in front of the doors. Placing some plastic bags in the favorite places - OK. But he started to mark the beds - which is really annoying. Vet told me its normal for a male cat that age...
  10. solomonar

    Incidental Raw Diet- How To Reduce Risks?

    I feed my tomcat mix diet: one wet breakfast + free dry food. It just happens to run out of preferred dry food or the Cat to demand imperatively (:-)) fresh meat (chicken meat, more precisely). Since "incidental" does not mean "diet", I am confuse about risks. I attempt to balance the meat by...
  11. solomonar

    How Spread Is Normal Presence Of E Coli In Urine?

    My Cat urine's tested positive for E coli. I collected the probe from the floor, which is built in ceramic tiles. The scientific records I am aware state for abnormal presence of E coli only in case of very young cats. Of course, the E coli infection shall be doubled by clinical signs to...
  12. solomonar

    To All No-name Cats Crossing The Bridge On Streets

    Today a no-name stray grey kitty crossed the Bridge on street, in front of me. I will skip the details. In wilderness, the Cat's last breath on Earth is part of the game, so nothing painful. In the case of Cats who got names form they human companions, ending the path on Earth is seconded by...
  13. solomonar

    Site Robots- Purpose?

    In the section "on line" there is some hundred robots. I wonder whether those robots do belong to the web-page management. are external accepted or penetrating security walls. If legitimate, what are their purpose please? And a technical question: how the robots are built? Thank you!
  14. solomonar

    Sq Injection (antibiotics) At Home Advice

    I must give a Sub-cutaneous injection to my cat at home. Got vet advise and watched youtube. Question is whether incidents may occur and how to deal with them. Any advise/tip highly appreciated! Thank you!
  15. solomonar

    A Person Caring A Feral Colony Has The Right To Decide What Is The Right Thing To Do With Them?

    Six months ago I spotted a feral colony. It was heavy winter. Following a kind effort of a forum mate here, I contacted an organisation that can neuter them for free and also help with capturing in this purpose. Now, when the spring arrived, I had the chance to talk to the person who cares the...
  16. solomonar

    Rice Is Cat Food - How Much Is Acceptable?

    In the days of old, the home-made cat food included a generous 25-50% boiled rice. Today, some wet-food brands include rice in the formula, apparently up to some 25% in weight. I recently spotted one new brand that labels 25% rice in the dry food. Few recent scientific articles I read...
  17. solomonar

    Heavy Winter In The City - How Humans Can Help?

    Heavy winter here. The prevalent residence buildings are 10 stores towers, small patches of green (now white :-)) fields in between. I saw many feral cats beneath the cars to shelter from the -10 Celsius degrees weather. I would be very happy to help them somehow, but I am short in ideas. Any...
  18. solomonar

    Causes Of Kidney/bladder Stones Formation?

    Just came back to a scientific curiosity: while the human kidney stones are intensely studied, to my (certainly limited) knowledge, set aside the parallel with the human (similar?) condition, no comprehensive study was carried on cats's stones genesis. I am speaking about methabolic...
  19. solomonar

    Cat Walking And Adventure Cats Experience?

    I walk my cat. I take him on mountain paths. I found these habits very rewarding. Who else does these activities and what are your (positive and negative) experiences? Thank you very much for sharing!
  20. solomonar

    Shall I Free My Cat?

    My integer tomcat is a purely indoor cat. For few months now I got the habit to walk him outside for one hour daily (like people walk dogs). He is sometimes happy outdoor, smelling flowers and sticks, stepping around cars in parking lots (he passed his childhood in a gas station) and sometimes...