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  1. fermthe

    Good company

    When you have good company you dont mind to stay at home
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    Leeloo 2002 - 2019 My beloved, my daughter, my everything in life i realy hope we meet again in the afterlife rip baby
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    Almost Every Morning ...

  4. fermthe

    Catlover's gold dry cat food

    Hello i use to feed my cats Orijen dry food but since crisis hit Greece so hard some pet shop owners told me about catlover's gold food that it costs less than orijen. Does anyone know any info about that food ?
  5. fermthe


    Hello to all. Im Eric and i have 3 cats (Leeloo, Teal'c, and Mishka) 11,1, and 5 yold Here's the photos of the two of them. Teal'c Leeloo