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  1. lauracatlover

    I passed!!

    EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! I passed my driving test first time today!!! I only got 3 minors and my driving instructor was really nice too Just thought I'd let you guys know, I'm so happy!! xxx
  2. lauracatlover

    I'm Back!

    Hi everyone I'm sorry I havent been on here for so long, a lot has happened since my last visit. I've finished my second year of college now, so have 10 whole weeks of nothing now until September! However, I do have my driving test coming up soon, no looking forward to that!! Mitzi is looking...
  3. lauracatlover

    Swollen Tear Duct

    We recently collected Mitzi from the cattery after our holiday, and she has a slighty swollen tear duct and slightly discoloured discharge. Any ideas? Maybe it's stress? Thanks p.s: her actual eyeball is fine
  4. lauracatlover

    Da Bird

    Okay I didn't know where to post this but feel free to move if it is wrong. We are going on holiday to Florida on Wednesday and I am desperate to buy Mitzi a Da Bird toy. Does anybody know where I can get one? Somewhere like Wallmart maybe? I looked at Wallmart's website but couldn't see it...
  5. lauracatlover

    If you could meet...

    If you could meet any of the adorable kitties on TCS, who would you like to meet the most and why? for me it would have to be Rosie, Sophie and Jack (belonging to Rosiemac) I would just lovvvvve to hear Rosie's vocals
  6. lauracatlover

    RIP Bundigz

    Last night my poor bunny Buttons crossed the bridge RIP my sweet little hare
  7. lauracatlover

    How Do Your Cats Cope With The Heat?

    Lately it has been reaching 30'c and mitzi just doesn't know what to do with herself. she's been sick several times because of it, she is up all night because she is too hot to sleep and generally pithering around. So to help keep her cool we leave fans on when we're not in the room and give...
  8. lauracatlover

    Mah Kitteh...

    Mah Kitteh...She Priceless ***carrier bag was removed after picture was taken***
  9. lauracatlover

    RIP Little Kitten

    One of my mom's friends had a new kitten a couple of months ago when they moved into their new home. Everything was going great, Kitten was doing fine (I don't know what it's name was so I'm referring to it as 'Kitten'), and she had just started letting it venture outside. One day she left...
  10. lauracatlover

    OMG What A Hack THAT Was!!

    Ok this happened the other week and I totally forgot to tell you guys about me saving someone's life! To cut a reeeally long story short, I was on a hack with some silly woman who thinks she knows absolutely EVERYTHING about horses. And she doesn't. She was on Dan, a timid bay, and I was on...
  11. lauracatlover

    Disgusting Horse Conditions (Vent)

    Sorry this is a bit long. As some of you may know I have a college placement at a kennels, cattery and stables. Well yesterday me and my friend were down the yard with the horsesfor the first time, and the boss was telling us to totally strip down a stable for their most prized possession, a...
  12. lauracatlover

    Cold Hands + Warm Fur

    When you've been outside in the cold, do you immediately put your cold hands on your nice warm kitties? Or would you rather they stayed warm? I just came in from a snowball fight and Mitzi was lay by the fire, so immediately put my hands on her warrrmmmm tummy fluff!
  13. lauracatlover

    Snow Pics!

    Right now it is snowing a LOT, so I thought I'd take some pics for ya'll! I know it doesn't really seem like much but it is quite deep! Even the bunny has gone into hiding! And here is little Mitzi, staying nice and warm inside right now Post your snow pics peeps!
  14. lauracatlover

    This cat sends Mitzi crazy!!!

    Ok, so I was messing around on Youtube and came across this meowing cat video. The sound was up full volume and Mitzi was in the room. As soon as this cat meowed she went crazy!! Listening, looking around, it was hilarious!! Play it and see what your kitties do!
  15. lauracatlover

    My Xmas Present!!

    Sorry I know this is a bit late lol http://ericnakagawa.files.wordpress....lolcatbook.gif I had this for Xmas, and I can't remember who it is, but a cat from TCS is in there! The one of the cat 'squashed' under a chair?
  16. lauracatlover

    Game: Love It Or Leave It

    Wow there's so many games on here Here's another one to add to the collection... What you do is post something you like doing. Then the next person says Love It or Leave it, giving their opinion on that thing. EG: 1st person: Eating ice cream on a hot day 2nd person: Love it...
  17. lauracatlover

    Any Lizard Experts In The House?

    Last night I went out into the back garden to feed the rabbit, and there was this little lizard just sat there in the middle of the patio! Obviously we don't get them round here, and especially not this time of year. Anyway, I took this video of it, and was wondering if any of you guys knew...
  18. lauracatlover

    The most cats!?

    Who here has the most kitties? Post how many you have peeps! And to make it interesting, the person who has out-kittied everyone else by tomorrow gets a gift from yours truly To start ya'll off, I have the 1.
  19. lauracatlover

    OMG SO upset and SO annoyed!!!

    Some of you may know that I am doing a First Diploma Animal Care course at college, and that I need to have a day working at a placement, for example a kennels or a stables. Welllll... I had found this reeeeally nice placement at a kennels and cattery. I went for a trial day and got to walk...
  20. lauracatlover

    New Game: True or False?

    I saw this game on another forum and thought it would be good to start it here. What you do is post a comment, and the next person must answer it true or false, and post a comment of their own... EG: (person above) T or F...The person below has brown hair? (next person) True! The person...