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    Crystals In Urine

    I’m looking for some recommendations from our learned folks on an alternative food for a cat prone to crystals other than et prescription.
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    Camouflage Cat

    I couldn’t find a camouflage thread so here goes. Find Nemo.
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    i haven’t been around for awhile. I was thinking about Smudge and wondered if he is still around.
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    "Old" Members

    Hi, I haven't been around in ages and wondered how many of us pop in from time to time. I'm thinking it's time I came back as a full time member.
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    Hello from Beautiful Barcelona

    What a beautiful morning.  Another thing on my bucket list accomplished.  <Meeting some wonderful folks, mostly from the United States.  Just wanted to share my excitement.  Tomorrow to Bilbao and then on to Madrid.
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    I'm so excited.  One month from today I'm off to Spain for 9 days.  This has been on my bucket list for decades.  
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    To all you "old-timers", I just wanted you to know that my beloved Bijou has gone to the rainbow bridge.  He was having difficulty breathing and the x-ray showed a number of tumours in his lungs.  I held his beautiful head in my hands and kissed him as he passed over.  I've never had a more...
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    spam e-mails

    I have been receiving numerous spam e-mails for TCS'ers over the past couple days, as though TCS has been hacked.  Is anyone else receiving these e-mails?
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    Southern Ontario Meetup

    The other thread reminded me that the All About Pets show is coming up at Easter and it would be a great time for us to meet up.  Anyone interested can PM me and I can arrange it.  I plan on going and I'm open for either Saturday or Sunday.
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    So Sad - No White Christmas again

    For the third year in a row, no White Christmas.  It just doesn't seem like Christmas without beautiful snow.
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    New Granddaughter

    Just letting you all know I now have a beautiful little granddaughter, 8.35 lbs, born last evening at 5:15.  Her name is Zoe.
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    Canadian Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to wish all the Canadians a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Today we are having dinner at my daughter's place and tomorrow at my SO's daughter. I've got a turkey just about ready to remove from the oven and put in my vegetable dishes. Made the cranberry sauce yesterday. I did the...
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    Donkey Rescue

    I have been wanting to visit this farm for about 5 years and today I just did it. There is a donkey rescue farm in Guelph (Puslinch) Ontario, Canada and for some reason these animals have spoken to me. For 5 years at least I have been trying to talk someone into going with me with no luck so...
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    Tornado in Goderich

    I hope all the folks in and around Goderich or have relatives are safe. Unfortunately one person is reported dead.
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    Kitty Sitting

    I'm kitty sitting for my neighbour until Saturday. They have a brown marbled Bengal called Jaguar who is amazing at opening their front door and going down the hallway (I learned this when I heard the front door close and went to see if someone had come in only to look out in the hallway to see...
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    Happy Birthday Mews2much

    Hope you have the greatest day!
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    Happy Birthday Anne

    Wherever you are on your travels I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
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    Canadians! Get out there and vote!

    Calling all Canadians to exercise our freedom and right to vote. Regardless of your political persuasion, it is important to vote. If anyone does not vote, they have no right to be critical of whatever government gets in so don't let that be you!
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    All About Pets Show Toronto

    It's coming up on Easter Weekend and I'm planning on going with my new SO. Anyone interested in meeting up and perhaps having a bite/coffee afterwards, PM me and I'll try to coordinate the meet-up.
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    I'm going to be a Grandma - it's a Girl

    I found out Thursday that my only daughter is pregnant with my very first grandbaby. Guess I'd better start knitting.