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  1. Antonio65

    Intestinal Biopsy: Is it totally safe?

    Hi everybody, I have an issue for my new kitten Giada (Italian for Jade), 9 months old. I found her twelve days before Christmas, along with her three siblings. I kept one, her, and re-homed the other three kittens. I was able to trap their mother on the next day, and had her spayed. Giada had...
  2. Antonio65

    A cat without sex

    After several missions for trapping a feral, eventually I managed to trap this cat. I had been after this cat since mid-January, I think. The cat was the last of a litter of 5 kittens born April or May 2019. Three of them (all males) were trapped early July and took to the local shelter. The...
  3. Antonio65

    Kitten not learning her name

    My new kitten Giada has been with us nearly 3 months now, and though I always called her by her name, she hasn't learned it yet, she doesn't come or turn to me when called. On the first night she was home, I was keeping her in arms, I called her by this name, she quickly turned to me and kissed...
  4. Antonio65

    Kitten with sore gums and bad teeth

    My kitten Giada, 6 months, started teething about a month ago and I thought everything was going fine. She had some sore gums and bad breath. I reported it in my previous thread and also told the vet when she was vaccined two weeks ago, and I was reassured that all of this was normal during...
  5. Antonio65

    I can't trap a few cats - Advice needed

    I thought I did a great job and had all my colony spayed and neutered last year. I spent dozens of days in trapping sessions, and sometimes they were unsuccessful and disappointing, but when at the end of the story I had all the cats fixed I was happy and relaxed. Now a four new cats have...
  6. Antonio65

    A diary on cats - Newspaper article

    I found this article this morning. The title lured me, I started reading it, and at the beginning it was kind of funny, it looked like a romance going to start. Then it turned to something unpleasant, at least to me. All fur one – An Irishwoman’s Diary on cats This kind of confirmed some...
  7. Antonio65

    AZ - Man faces jail for feeding ferals

    A man in Arizona is going to be trialled for not obeying to the town ordinance of not feeding feral cats in public places. Man faces jail for feeding feral felines I just can't understand how it is possible to pass such ordinances in a civilized country!
  8. Antonio65

    Catnip to attract ferals to the trap?

    I'm struggling to trap a couple of females that roam around my colony and have delivered a few kittens in the last two years. Those two cats are very smart, so smart to avoid the trap even with the smelliest food in it. So far I always used tuna fish to attract all the cats to the trap, and I...
  9. Antonio65

    Questions about teething

    Hi all, This kitten I have at home now, her name is Giada (Italian for Jade), is teething, so I presume she's older than I thought. Today I noticed she had issues with her mouth, like she had something stuck in her mouth. I checked her and noticed she has two new upper teeth. I am relatively...
  10. Antonio65

    Coat color - Calico or Torbie?

    Hi everybody, I have this new kitten at home, she is very lovely and cute. I'm just curious if she's a calico, or a torbie or else. She has solid patches of white and dark orange, but tabby patches of grey/black. What do you think?
  11. Antonio65

    UV flashlights

    I have seen some UV flashlights on sale on the web. They claim to be able to spot traces of biological materials, namely urine or vomit traces on most surfaces. Has any of you ever tried them? Do they do what they say they do? Do they work better in the dark? I would be interested in finding...
  12. Antonio65

    Resolved Alerts for threads that I never watched

    Hi everybody, In the last few hours I've been receiving alerts for new posts in threads that I wasn't following. I was unsure if those threads were being watched, but I checked them all and they were new to me, I haven't even given them a purraise or anything. What can I do? Thanks!
  13. Antonio65

    Biting kitten - Bach Flowers?

    I have recently adopted a kitten. She's a little younger than 3 months. I had seen a photo of her at the end of September, I asked the rescue people some bits of info about her, but they told me that cat had been promised already to a new family, so I kind of forgot her. Until a few days later...
  14. Antonio65

    Removing teeth in a semi-feral with stomatitis - Photos

    In my yard I have two semi-ferals, a 2-yo boy and a 5 or 6-yo girl, both fixed. They arrived on their own, they're positively feral, not stray, and are rather friendly. Last May I noticed that the girl was a little down, she would eat less, she was losing weight and her coat was getting bad. I...
  15. Antonio65

    New look?

    Another upgrade of the forums look? I am a bit disoriented, confused. Things, labels, tabs, have changed names and functions, and even the alerts aren't the same I used to know. What scared me, for instance, is that a Purraise is now a Reaction, the alert says that "someone has reacted to my...
  16. Antonio65

    Net Trapping: Experiences And Opinions

    My cat colony has about 30 cats, not all show up everyday, some I haven't seen for a couple of months now. They're all fixed, all of them have been trapped with a Havahart trap cage, and all of them now know what that monster is, and would keep clear of it when they see it ready for a new...
  17. Antonio65

    Soft Poops In Three Kittens In A Row

    In the last year or so, I adopted/fostered 3 kittens, and all of them came up with the issue that I'm going to explain. End of September 2018, I adopted a kitten (Kitten A) about 4 months old. A few days after she was home with us, she developed a soft poop that we tried to treat with every...
  18. Antonio65

    Spayed Cat... Now Pregnant?

    Today I was caring my colony, food, water, etc, and I saw one of the cats with a big round belly. I had noticed that belly a few days ago, but today it seemed bigger, rounder. It was as the cat is pregnant! The fact is that the cat was spayed in February. The question is, how is it likely...
  19. Antonio65

    Might Pesca Have Pica?

    Since mid-July I have a new kitten at home. She was found among the waste bins and garbage when she was about 5 weeks old. I'm sure she was abandoned before a holiday, she's sweet and used to humans and home. We named her Pesca, meaning Peach in Italian, because she was as small and round when...
  20. Antonio65

    Young Kitten Is Wild

    First thing a bit of background. On July 2 I spotted a new tiny kitten in my colony. All female cats in my colony had been spayed, and almost all males had been neutered. Occasionally the place is visited by one or two non-spayed female cats which, when it's time, show up along with their...