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  1. misty8723

    My cat needs his nails trimmed

    Normally, I take him to the rescue where I adopted him and his former foster mama clips them. I can't do it. I tried once with another cat and it wasn't happening. I don't think those gadgets they advertise on TV are any good, but has anyone tried them? Seems like it would just scare him and...
  2. misty8723

    Having toilet paper delivered?

    Why can't I find anyplace willing to deliver toilet paper? Or even pick it up curbside? Even if it's in stock at a store, you have to go into the actual store to get it. I feel very uncomfortable going into stores right now (we are both over 60 with immune disorders).
  3. misty8723

    Can someone please help me, I'm desperate.

    I know this is rambling, but I'm so upset and sitting here sobbing. Monday morning I took my husband to the ER because he was feeling poorly. He has something going on, we don't what. We think there is likely a physical cause but haven't found what yet. Sunday and Monday he was feeling very...
  4. misty8723

    Anybody know anything about how facebook messanger works?

    I'm asking because lately if I'm on Kindle talking to someone the conversation will pop up on the computer where my husband is. It's not like I have my facebook open on that computer either. Not that we are talking about secret stuff (and it's just my sister), but I don't really like that it's...
  5. misty8723

    2 in 1 laptop (not chromebook)

    Can someone give me some guidance? I want to get one of these for my sister, but my head is about to explode with all the different options. I don't want to pay a lot of money for it, she will just use it for personal stuff, but I don't want junk either. Does anybody have one? Know what might...
  6. misty8723

    Chromebook Advice - Cyber Monday help

    I would like to buy a chromebook for my sister for Christmas, but I know nothing about them, and there are so many offers and varying reviews my head is spinning. What I would like to get it one that flips to become a tablet and has a touch screen. Can someone who has knowledge give me some...
  7. misty8723

    Toy Warning!

    I bought this toy at Pet Supermarket, but I can't find an exact picture of it on the web site. I do see some similar toys, but not sure they're the same. Anyway, this is on a string that's rubbery and bouncy. Cricket loves it. This morning we were playing and she ended up sitting on it. I...
  8. misty8723

    Austin frightened by dogs on TV

    This started recently, maybe a couple weeks ago Austin, DH , and I were lounging on the bed watching TV. All of a sudden Austin flew over the top of me, jumped on the nightstand, and scattered everything all over. I went down the hall looking for him and he was under the bed, tail puffed up. Had...
  9. misty8723

    Need Some Help On What I Can Get For A 90 Year Old Man To Do

    My father is 90, and about all he likes to do these days is either color posters or play games on a Kindle. My sister and I would love to find him something that might be similar enough to coloring posters that he would enjoy. We've run out of posters to get for him, and he only likes to do the...
  10. misty8723

    Opinions On Adopting - Asking For A Friend

    A friend of mine has a cat around 18 1/2 (female - Lilly) in good health. She's interested in adopting a younger cat, maybe 2-5 years. She asked me if I though it was a good idea to adopt now with Lilly being that old. I didn't know what to tell her; I think it has a lot to do with how Lilly...
  11. misty8723

    Rad Cat

    I don't feed raw, but I just noticed there are a lot of Rad Cat on the list. Probably already known, but just in case, here is the link.
  12. misty8723

    Licking Lips?

    I've noticed Austin licking his lips like cats do after they've eaten something, but I don't think he ate anything. Could he have a tooth problem? Should I take him to the vet? He's not doing it constantly, but I've seen him doing it twice today at different times.
  13. misty8723

    Social Eater?

    Fairly recently, Cricket has become a social eater. Not that she won't eat on her own, but particularly in the evening, she wants company. I go to bed early so I can read or watch tv for awhile. At some point, she will come in and start meowing for me to come with her over to the other bedroom...
  14. misty8723

    Are Sticky Paws Safe...

    ...if he gets it on his paws and licks his paws?
  15. misty8723

    Fighting Or Playing?

    Okay, I've read all sorts of stuff on how to tell one from the other. Most of the articles say that if there is no noise, it's play. In this case, Cricket is making noises like she is being hurt by Austin. He is making no noise whatever. So I break it up and separate them. I do not know if it's...
  16. misty8723

    Thermometer For Adults?

    Can someone recommend a good, accurate thermometer for adults. I used to have a pretty good digital one, but it quit working. Now all I see at the drug stores are forehead ones for babies. I see a lot of different kinds on line for babies - adult, but I'd like some recommendations before I...
  17. misty8723

    Fountain Help

    I have this fountain PetSafe Sedona Pet Fountain, Lake Breeze - Within the last few days, Austin has decided he wants to splash around and play in the fountain. When I get up in the morning, there very little water in the fountain and a lot of water on the floor. I like this...
  18. misty8723

    Can I Train Him Out Of This Behavior?

    We've had Austin for a little over two months. Cricket has been with us for 4+ years. Cricket likes to sit in the top of the cat tree, she's been doing that forever. Austin took it over, batted her, chased her out of it. So, I went out and bought a second tree. Austin took that one over too...
  19. misty8723

    Three Cats?

    Can someone who added a third cat to their house give me some insight on how the dynamics worked. I know all cats are different, and I shouldn't even be thinking about a third cat, but... I just got these two integrated a couple months ago, and I'm really nervous about upsetting the applecart...
  20. misty8723

    Help? Virus Or Malware On Cell Phone

    My husband has my old Samsung s6 phone with Tracfone service. Tonight he had this pop up: Dear Android User, Saturday-January 12, 2019 Congratulations Android User! you are one of the 10 users who have a chance to get a giftcard or Walmart Giftcard! I googled how to get rid of it, and the...