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    Play time!

    The first picture is of our M.I.A. Sunny Boy. ... The second picture is of our three feral cats (Star Baby, Midnight, and Raven) playing with a feather on a stick. .... The third picture is of our Raven (all grown up now). Doug
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    Another no show!

    Today was the second day that our little Raven was a no show for breakfast! We're hopeful she will come back home! ... Maybe she's out looking for her big brother, Sunny Boy. Doug
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    Ferals are fun!

    Yesterday, I removed the corrugated fiberglass(?) roofing from the "cat house" (our old shed). I'd carry each panel down the ladder and put them in the dumpster. Our youngest ferral (who is full grown now) was overseeing my project while on the roof with me.She would check the roof deck while I...
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    We Are Waiting For His Return

    This past Friday I went out to feed the ferals at 7:00 A.M. and our Sunny Shine Boy was M.I.A.! He's been gone for three days now. Cheri and I are often calling for him while optimistically waiting for his return. I here-tell some cats have returned even after two weeks! We are staying positive...
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    Our Ferals Are Keeping Out Of Sight

    Our road is being widened from two lanes to three lanes (it started yesterday). It will take about two months. The ferals are not liking the big machines and noise, so when the workers stop for lunch or the end of work, Cheri and I spend as much time as possible to calm them down. ... Up-dates...
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    We Need Help!

    Our rear cement slab porch is where we feed our feral cats every morning and evening. This evening we feed the feral kitties and picking up their dishes as always. About an hour later, my wife called me to come to the back door! There were hundreds of tiny ants gathered together (reminded my of...
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    Our Feral Update!

    Our Feral cats have been enjoying the warmer weather and the green grass. They play chase, play with their toys, or stretching out on the warm grass to nap. Even the latest Feral (Raven) has come out of hiding (for the most part) and playing by herself, when not playing with the male (Sunny)...
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    Gee,,,,,thank You!!!

    To any of you find small animal carcass' that have been placed at your back door by your feral colony? I think they're "paying it forward" and sharing their "kill" or a "scavenged bounty" from their night hunts. Just asking for a friend,,,LOL! Doug
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    Feeling Good Today!

    Mama Star visited the "food court" 2 evenings ago! It's the first we've seen her after her TNR seven days ago. She looks to be doing great!... Raven (Lil Bit), after being in a trap for almost a week (before and after her TNR), and then in a large cage for 2 weeks. We were told to cage her...
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    After trying for over a year, we FINALLY trapped "Mama Star"!! We called around to a number local vets, we found one willing to fit her in tomorrow for a health exam and surgery (Spay). We will have TNR'd 5 cats so far. Doug
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    Our "lil Bit" Farel

    Will,,, we finally was able to trap the juvenile farel kitten (we call her "Lil Bit")!!! She will be on her way to "TNR" tomorrow and will return home here Saturday and back to freedom. Doug
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    Just For Kicks!

    I haven't posted in a while, so I decided to show you two of our three Ferals. On the left is Baby Star (our female Tortie) and on the right is Sonny Boy (our ginger male). Little Midnight (our female Panther) must have been away doing "cat stuff".
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    Happy Cats!

    Our feral kitties are SO funny! They turned on the back porch light (on a motion detector) at seven AM this COLD morning. I looked out the window and watched them chasing and playing with each other. It was 0* with a wind chill of -18*! I knew it was going to be quite cold this weekend, so I...
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    Babies It's Cold Outside!!

    The feral kitties were waiting at the back door this 17* cold morning (11* chill index!). I made them a warmed mix of of wet canned meat with a small amount of "Sheba" from a packet, AND four tuna flavored crunchy treats. I also topped off the heated water dish. The three of them ate, drank, and...
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    It Finally Happened!

    I went out the back door this morning to feed our feral kitties. The Tortie feral ("Star Baby") was just TOO fast for this old man. She darted between my legs and into the house! Our indoor young male must have thought "oh boy, a new play mate" and started a chase game (there was no growling...
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    Progress With Our Feral Cats.

    About two weeks ago I would go out and sit on the back porch, on my ThermaSeathunter cushion. The Tortie kitten would venture closer and closer to the point she would take treats of of my leg. I soon was able to LIGHTLY pet her on her back, then from the top of her head to the tip of her tail...
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    Posting Pictures

    I took four pictures to post in my"Feral shed" thread. I was able to get two of them posted, the other two were said to be too large. I then made a second thread("Feral shed, take 2") thinking maybe the four pictures were to big for the first thread. What need I do work and how to I fix it? Doug
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    Feral Shed.

    Early last winter I was looking at the old shed in our back yard and thought, I should tear that done in the spring. Then, in January of this year, I noticed two cats hanging around our house A LOT! They would curl up together on the back door mat and try to get into our shed but the slightly...
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    Editing A Post

    How can I edit a post after it has been created?
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    Pictures Of Our Kitties.

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post pictures of our feral AND domestic cats. Three feral and three domestic as well as a story. ... Ferals Jazzy Misha (Peanut) The three at our door are the feral kittens we're caring for in our shed. The Tortoise Shell (little miss Pepper) is...