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    R I P Great Great Grandma - Coyote casualty

    Sorry you lost the old girl. You gave that grand old lady years and years of life she likely would never of had without your caring. Good on you for being so kind!... I'll bet ya she went down with one hell of a fight. There are probably several scratched up coyotes laying around licking their...
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    Our beautiful girl Storm

    Such a beautiful little lady she was! It's just so very difficult to let them go. May she rest peacefully for evermore.
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    What's your preference?

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    If there are words that give comfort at such a time as this, I do not know them. Snickers was a beautiful, handsome cat, and I know his loss cuts ever so deep. Try not to cry because he is gone, but smile because he was here. He will always be as close as a thought or a prayer. God bless you.
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    We lost our boy, Philip. Remembering the past 3 years. This was not fair.

    Philip was surely a beautiful little boy. No doubt he will be fondly remembered, and loved until time fades away. One thing I know to be true...he had lots of fine company as he ran, skipped, and jumped over that old rainbow bridge. Many of my beloved fur babies were there to meet and greet...
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    My Wee Wiggler going strong, orphaned neonate, 5 days with strong gains

    Thank you soooooooooooo much... for caring for that little angel!
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    When I see the way the "human" race reacts in a panic situation, I realize why I love cats sooooooooooooo very much!
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    Abondoned my orange tabby and now I want her back

    I believe this must be one of the most depressing threads I have ever read, on any forum, about any subject.
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    Goodbye and thank you my dear friend

    The more we love them while we have them, the more it hurts when we must say goodbye. She made a tremendous run at life to be here for 18 years. Such a deep attachment you must of had to each other. I am very sorry she had to leave you. When the passing allows, don't cry because she is gone...
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    Our sweet Palermo

    I am very sorry that you lost Palermo at such a young age. It is a tragic loss for your family no doubt. She must have left big pawprints on the hearts of everyone around her that will never be forgotten! It is just my opinion, but I believe you have done the best thing that you could possibly...
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    Poor Cupid

    I would love to be locked in a room for juts ten minutes with the "thing" that done this to that little cat!
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    RIP Jack

    Very sorry for your loss. He was such a fine lookin' little man...Jack will have a good friend to share his days of sunshine with, as we lost our Siamese "Toby" on 4-16-19. I hope they have a wonderful time being angels togeather!
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    Paul's Big Adventure

    Great story! I absolutely love black cats. Have had many over the years, and loved every one of them!
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    How am I supposed to go on vacation...

    Seems Chilli is trying to "hitch a ride" with mom... Enjoy your trip and don't worry. Your babies won't miss you nearly as much as you miss them!
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    My Old Man

    We adopted an old, old one eye cat many years ago. He would be at the back door very early every morning bellowing out "HEY, HEY, HEY over and over until we would let him and his three old buddies in for breakfast...I miss those old guys!
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    City Adopts No-Kill Program For Feral Cats 😺

    That is WONDERFUL news!!!...The way cats are treated in most towns and city's in this nation is a disgrace.
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    "OW!! why is she so strong?? SHE HITS LIKE A HUMAN MAN!"

    It seems to me that she was on a "special mission".
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    My new kitten. I am in love.

    He is such a little heart stealer! I wish you two many happy, healthy years together...It is just a wonderful thing to be adopted by a kitten!
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    It takes a very special kind of sweet and wonderful person to adopt a senior cat with health problems. Bless you for giving Wendy two years of love and comfort. So many feral kittens and cats never know such happiness. Thank you so much for caring.