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  1. Pen'sMomma

    Wagmo insurance?

    Just curious if anyone used this pet insurance for their cat?
  2. Pen'sMomma

    Traveling With Cat

    Hey guys, I would love to get some advice from those who have traveled with their cat to other countries, particularly if your cat was an indoor/outdoor cat. I'm taking my cat to eastern Europe in less than a week and I'm a bit nervous so, would also love to hear some stories of how travel went...
  3. Pen'sMomma

    Rehoming My Cat

    I need to re-home my cat and I feel sad about it knowing that she is really bonded to me but I Know that she will have a better life with an owner with more space and money. I'm hoping someone could give me info on what questions I should ask prospective adopters?
  4. Pen'sMomma

    Kitten Schedule

    I was wondering if people could tell me about their kittens' schedules? I want to know what I can add to the schedule of the kitten I am foster/considering keeping. He eats four meals a day now and I believe he is between 12 and 16 weeks old. so, in four 1-3 hour windows throughout the day, I...
  5. Pen'sMomma

    Kitten And Pumpkin

    I found a stray kitten and he has worms and fleas. Both are being treated but I got some pumpkin to help with his stomach and mixed about a tablespoon with his food. Afterward, I read that I was supposed to add way less. He's somewhere between 8-11 weeks maybe. Will he be okay? I keep trying to...
  6. Pen'sMomma

    Roommate Left Cat

    I hope that this is the right place to post about this. My roommate went to rehab and left her cat and didn't plan for the care of her cat before leaving. There are other people who share the house with us but the care of her cat has fallen on me. I do not want to care for this cat nor do I...
  7. Pen'sMomma

    Wet Cat Food Only 96kcal/can

    I am just wondering if anyone has used Weruva cat food and how many cans per day did you feed your cat? It says 1 oz per pound so that would mean about two cans a day. This food is kinda expensive and was like $34-$36 for 24 cans. That's less than two weeks worth of food. This feels too...
  8. Pen'sMomma

    Cat Got Into Buffalo Wings

    I didn't know if I should post this here or under health. So, it's the middle of the night and my cat gets out of her bed and starts being really vocal making a sound I never heard her make before but have heard other cats make. It was as if she was talking and then she went into her litter pan...
  9. Pen'sMomma

    Cat In My Backyard

    So I did something I generally don't do: A small cat reappeared in my yard that I'd seen a few days back and my roommate and I decided to feed it. We put out water and food for her. I cannot tell if she is a young cat or simply malnourished. I don't know if I really want to be responsible for...
  10. Pen'sMomma

    Cat Rant

    This seemed like the only place I could post this. So, this is a rant and I am not asking for advice on the topic just overwhelmed and need to express my thoughts and feelings. I have had my cat on my own since the end of May. She was so quiet and sweet and continues to be sweet however I am...
  11. Pen'sMomma

    Cat Stabbed Me With Claws

    My cat is the sweetest cat and is generally calm and friendly. However, I am transitioning her out of sleeping in my bed so last night was horrible. I don't think she slept very much because she kept waking me up by getting into bed with me. Every time I tell her to get down. She has multiple...
  12. Pen'sMomma

    Could I Lose My Cat?

    Hi All, I have a cat that was owned by my friend and her bf. Ater, they separated she kept the cat. My friend and I were roommates for a short while then upon leaving I took possession of the cat as we both agreed she'd be better cared for by me. The issue is, I want to get her chipped and take...
  13. Pen'sMomma

    Not Consuming Enough Water

    Hello everyone! I am new here and kinda a new pet parent. My cat used to be my friend's/housemate's cat but now she lives with me as she was being neglected in her other home. Though it wasn't extreme neglect it was neglect nonetheless and we thought it best I take her. She is doing well, for...