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  1. Beanz

    Cat bites only in one corner.

    My cat has this behaviour that is driving me nuts. My bed is next to an outlet where I use my phone charger over night to charge my phone. Sometimes my cat will go near this and proceed to rub his face and neck to mark or claim the phone charger plug. When he does this I turn off the switch and...
  2. Beanz

    16 Week Kitten Has Runny Poo

    Hi, my friend Has two kittens, both sister's of 16 weeks old. They were rescue kittens that had the flu before adoption. One of them has constantly got runny, but thick, wet poo, like a paste. If you can think of ice cream and you mix it a bit that what the consistency is, it's not really...
  3. Beanz

    Spikey Fur Along Spine When Brushing

    Hi everyone, my dear sweet boy is nearly 6 years old and I have noticed when I brush him the fur along his spine twitches and raises up like a Mohawk! He very much enjoys being brushed to the point he will brush himself if I told the brush out so I know he is not in pain. I've seeked veterinary...