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    Help for trapping feral cat

    I would trap her with food. Once trapped,put the trap between two chairs or stools. Keep it covered. You can feed the cat through the openings of the trap. The cat can relieve itself through the bottom of the trap. Just put newspaper or litter underneath trap. It’s not ideal, but it’s better...
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    Suggestions for Samantha's congestion

    We have a cat with similar issues. We took a small dog crate and covered it with a towel. We put her in and in the front we placed a clothes/fabric steamer for10 to 15 minutes. It created a steam tent for her. Twice a day and it really helped with the mucus. We would feed her right after because...
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    I didn’t like the idea of cremation either. When one of our dogs died, we made the decision to cremate. We knew there was a good chance that we would be moving and we did not want to leave him behind. He has place in my craft room. I don’t regret that decision. We will be doing it for all of our...
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    I think I am a bad cat owner

    Absolutely agree with kittyluv387. You will feel guilty for rehoming her, but it's in everyone's best interest. Do you have another family member that could take it? What about a neighbor. I so respect your desire to do what's best in your cats best interest. Crossing fingers for the best. And...
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    Need help finding dry cat food.

    I have always had issues with ”pea protein” as one of the main sources of protein. It’s hard to find a kibble in Canada that has an optimum ingredient list without pea protein as one of the main ingredients. One of our dogs died of an enlarged heart which we attribute to the grain free and pea...
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    Let them out when I'm at work... Or not?!

    I leave mine open all the time. The cats sleep a lot of the day. When I was nervous about coyotes and other cats, I doubled the lower level with screening/fencing. The cats have the option to retreat to their safe places in the home/shed. I too was nervous about leaving it open, however, cats...
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    Sweet cat with redirected aggression, please help: euthanasia may be the only option.

    You can use dog on top of the other.
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    Keeping birds out of Feral Cats Food Bowls

    I used a decoy owl. I switched the direction it was looking everyday. It worked for the birds that I was having an issue with. Good luck with keeping them away. They can be PITA.
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    Feral cat dazed and 3 days no food

    Can you make a catio outside for Lily? Even two large dog crates tied together work as a temporary fix.Cover one end,heating pad or box of straw and a litter box. It would do for now and give you and the forum a chance to come up with a workable solution.
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    Sweet cat with redirected aggression, please help: euthanasia may be the only option.

    I had a similar experience to yours. My torti is anxious and temperamental and tries to control everything. I have a calico cat that is a little challenged with regard to her health and the torti and another cat we have would attack her regularly. The calico was living under siege. Our eventual...
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    I have an update

    I have a cat that likes to play with the water bowl and what we did was put the bowl on a boot tray. She still plays with the water,but it stays in the boot tray. It sounds like you are really frustrated with the behaviour of your cat. Would it be better for you and the cat to find another place...
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    Has anyone had any luck with meds to prevent agression between 2 neutered males?

    The closet leads to the stairs to the room my son is in.
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    Has anyone had any luck with meds to prevent agression between 2 neutered males?

    We had a similar issue with two spayed females always attacking a weaker spayed female. We basically divided the two floors in our house with the top floor for the attackee and the downstairs for the attackers. This has really worked out well for us and them. We also found another female stray...
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    Older cat with URI and herpes, idea for making Lysine palatable

    If your cat still won’t take the lysine....we have a snotty runny cat that the vets can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. After different meds, teeth extraction etc there was no improvement. We took a medium sized dog crate and covered it with towels. The opening was clear. We put the cat in...
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    Older cat with URI and herpes, idea for making Lysine palatable

    How much powder are you giving the cat? I use capsules that are human grade and just divide it in the wet food. You could also try tuna or baby food.
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    how to deal with a serial killer cat

    Extending off your porch sounds like an awesome idea. I have a catio that leads to a shed for my ferals. I go to bed every night knowing they are safe, fed and warm. Your neighbours will appreciate it and your cat will adjust. Cats are really a lot more resilient than given credit for.
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    I don't know what is best for these strays. If I leave, they will die

    If your bedroom window is on the main floor, you could potentially put a cat door in the window which would lead to an outdoor space. The outdoor space could temporarily be a couple of cages on top of each other until you could figure out if the catio will work. I will post an example of one we...
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    Don't Know What To Do!

    Just a are probably paying a fair amount for food, etc. Is it possible to advertise for someone that is looking for barn cats or someone who has the property/space to take the cats that would be willing to partner with you for the care of them? You would have control of vetting...
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    A New Problem

    The humane society in my area is no kill. I am not positive about others. We also have barn programs for cats who do not handle home environments. I hope you are able to catch the mother...fingers crossed.
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    A New Problem

    Well, I did bring the cats to a no kill shelter. I am from Canada and I don't know if there is a difference between where you come from and where we live, but the cats I brought in were adopted out as that is the mandate. As to your him and others like him, cats are a nuisance...