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    kidney disease

    I have a 15 year old kitty that is showing signs of kidney disease. I have been giving him kidney gold which I have used before successfully but need some suggestions on what kind of wet cat food to feed him. Any suggestions?
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    My fat cat

    I recently asked my vet how to reduce my cat's weight. She told me to put her on a "Senior Diet." Does anyone have experience feeding a senior food that successfully caused weight loss. What brand did you use? Please include any other suggestions that have worked for you.
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    Itchy ears with black stuff

    My cat is shaking his head and scratching his ears. I have taken him to the vet 3 times. They say it is wax build up and go in his ears with a Q-tip. He has one course of antibiotics that did not seem to do anything. Any ideas?
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    giving yogurt to cat on doxycycline

    What do you think about giving a cat on antibiotic for lyme disease yougurt?
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    Cat diagnosed with Lyme disease

    My sister's cat has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. I see discussions about the symptoms and of humans with Lyme disease but not mention about cats with Lyme disease and what to do about it besides go to the vet. Does anyone have a cat with Lyme disease that can inform about how they have...
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    Cat using carpeting for clawing

    I have 4 cats. Only one has her claws. Though I have scratching posts and cardboard scratching boxes she prefers the carpet. How can I stop her from ruining all of the carpets in the house?
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    New Flea Med Called Comfortis Have You Tried It?

    I am in the process of battling a flea attack. I have just been introduced to a new oral product called COMFORTIS. It has been approved. It is in the form of a chew or treat. I have not ordered it yet but on the internet it appears to be large. It appears to be too large to pop into a kitty's...
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    If I can't touch her how do I apply fle medication?

    I have 4 cats. One of them is a feral that I brought in before the Winter of 2013. She has adapted well and is now cohabiting in the household with the other 3, always have been house cats. My cats do not go outside except for a 6' x 6' cage accessed by a animal door to the outside cage via my...
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    Constipation and vomiting

    My 19 year old male cat started throwing up his food. I pureed the food and the vomiting stopped. After about 3 weeks he stopped eating one day so I took him to the vet for a check up. They did a blood panel, urin specimen and x-ray. Everything was good except for the x-ray that showed that he...
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    Can not keep food down

    My 19 year old cat can only keep down canned food if it is purred. Now and then he will also vomit the purred food up also. He uses the litter pan with both solid and liquid waste deposits. He does not appear to be loosing weight and acts normally. Has anyone out there experienced this? Any...
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    Once I have Feral in the house...then what?

    I had been feeding a young cat since last is now November. I successfully trapped her in a cage borrowed from my humane society. I had a carpenter come in and build a big floor to ceiling cage about 5' x 5'. I took the kitty to the welfare league to be checked out - shots - check for...