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  1. mazie

    A male feral cat I feed is dominant over my resident female cat.

    I have been feeding a very sweet, loving feral male cat who gets along with Katy with whom I live with. I want to adopt this sweet male but I am concerned about how well this will go over with Katy. Katy goes outside with me when I go out. She has become friends with this male that I feed...
  2. mazie

    Fosomax vs. Prolia

    I know this thread has nothing to do with our furry friends, but I do have a dilemma on my hands and would like some advise from those of you who may have some knowledge, experience with this problem. I am a woman in my mid-upper 60's, who has osteoporosis, and was on fosomax for at least 10...
  3. mazie

    Feral Cat Acting Dominent Over My Domesticated Cat

    I have been feeding a feral cat on my front porch for a couple of years now. Katy, my cat was not at first happy with me caring for this cat, but in time, she relented and allowed him to come up on the porch and feed. Every now and then she would walk over to the food and eat, even though she...
  4. mazie

    Re-action From Rabies And Fvrp-felv Combo Vaccines

    On Friday, my cat had her annual rabies and FCRP-FELV vaccines. Included was a steroid in the shot because Kay had a re-action last year, fever and lethargic feeling. She goes outside so needs these vaccines. It is now Saturday evening and she still is lethargic, doing not much else other...
  5. mazie

    Resolved Not Able All Of A Sudden To See Posted Pictures

    On 5/14/17, member Alice79 started a post and posted kitten pictures on her post. I can read her post but the pictures did not go through for me. I know the pictures came through to others because Mrsgreenjeens commented on how cute the kittens looked. Please advise as to why I cannot see...
  6. mazie

    Feedback Adding Comments To A "purraise"

    With the old site, we could add comments to the purraises we give. I have not been able to figure out how to add a comment to a purraise I give if I want to.
  7. mazie

    Where does the "purring" sound come from inside our cats?

    From an anatomical standpoint, can someone answer where a cat's "purring" sound comes from in a cat?  Also, how do cat's make that noise, does it come from the throat area?   Just curious.  Thanks
  8. mazie

    Reaction to the Rabies or Feline Leukemia vaccine?

    Please someone, tell me if it is normal for a perfectly healthy cat to be negatively reacting to a Rabies or feline leukemia vaccine?  It is not 2;30am, and something is wrong with my cat and I cannot go back to bed because I know something is wrong!  17 hours ago, my cat received her annual...
  9. mazie

    Any possibility that Revolution "stings" when touches cat's skin?

    I usually apply Katy's monthly dose of Revolution when she is relaxing, almost asleep relaxing.  She would always jump a tiny bit upon application.  I never gave that much of a thought until yesterday.  Yesterday I applied her monthly dosage when she was very much awake, and she about jumped out...
  10. mazie

    Where to move a colony of feral cats

    Myself and a friend have been feeding a colony of feral  cats for the past 5 months.  The colony is located in the back yard of an elderly neighbor who has passed away and now the house is on the market.  She had 9 feral cats.  The location is in a small town, no  no-kill shelters in the area...
  11. mazie

    "Tie Out " Collars

    I need to purchase a new collar for my cat.  I keep reading over and over the terms, either is a "Tie out" or is not a "Tie Out" collar.  Katy does go outside if that makes a difference in the type I need to buy.  I know I need a "Break Away" collar, but does the term "Tie out" mean the same as...
  12. mazie

    Dog/Cat Introductions

    Please advise as to the best way to introduce a 15 year old neutered female cat to a family that has 2 adult male boxer dogs. The dogs are neutered as well.  
  13. mazie

    How to get a former "Shelter cat" to accept and eat "wet, canned" cat food

    I have recently adoped a shelter cat from an Atlanta SPCA shelter. The cats are fed dry cat food and I am having a hard time getting her to eat wet food. Twice a day a put down "Fancy Feast" canned food for her, that is the type of canned food they feed at that shelter on the rare occasions...
  14. mazie

    Heated Cat beds

    Where can I purchase a "heated" cat bed for indoors?
  15. mazie

    Human teething Rings??

    Good morning all, I have a question.  I am raising 6 week old kittens (along with mom, of course) They are teething.  May I give them human baby teething rings, the type that have  the gel in the middle, or are they unsafe to use because of their canine teeth?
  16. mazie

    Female mother constipated??

    My cat gave birth 2 weeks ago and I have noticed that she has been "gassy" lately, but this evening I noticed that it has gotten worse.  I think she may be constipated.  What can I do to help her?  thanks
  17. mazie

    Mom is a feral cat, now Inside with Kittens - Need help with mom vs litter box usage.

    My alpha cat, Suzie gave birth to her third litter at 1:00 this morning in my backyard.  (I promise I am going to get her spayed this time, Will bring that subject up a little later.)  She is approximately 2 years old,  I have been caring for her since January of last year, when she got pregnant...
  18. mazie

    Where does the Domestic cat come from?

    Can anyone refer me to a documentary, an HBO special, Animal Planet, or Discovery special on the history of our domestic cats? The Canine world has it made in my opinion, everybody knows the origin of dogs from the Wolf/fox ancestory. That topic has been done to death in my opinion. Now that...
  19. mazie

    Introducing the litter box to a feral cat

    I have been feeding and loving a feral cat for a year now. She comes inside with me for a couple of hours in the evenings and snuggles with me on the sofa. She is ver comfortable with the inside of my house, and I would like to have our first "sleep over". The problem is, I am having trouble...
  20. mazie

    Feral Cat Aggression with each other

    I have been taking care of 3 feral cats this past year, and 1 addtional cat since this past October, 4 in total. 2 males and 2 females, none are neutered. My problem is with the 2 females. The aggressor is a Siamese, the other is a smaller, but full grown Bombay. Both are about the same...