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  1. pinkman

    New York City: Here I Come

    OOH OOH! How exciting! I'd love to meet up, despite not being on here as much anymore. I sentcha a PM. I'm also interested in going to LI as I have never been there even though I've lived in NYC for a total of two years now. :)
  2. pinkman

    Money, money, money... Best online sources for food?

    Chewy, all the way!
  3. pinkman

    Sorry, I refuse to shave my cat's hair!

    I had my longhaired boy shaved. There, I said it :). I would not have done this if he didn't have health issues. Due to his weakened gut and motility, it is very difficult for him to hack up hairballs. There are days where he will not want to eat because he feels almost "choked up". I combed...
  4. pinkman

    advice on cat food

    Basically this. Science Diet is pretty pricey for what it is, IMO. I also wanted to mention that there are wet foods out there that are economically friendly also that fit in the "high protein, low carb" spectrum. Fancy Feast pates, Friskies (Poultry Platter, Mixed Grill, and Country dinner (?))...
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    I think they're the same - I have the purple one that is shaped like a cat. My friend has the one shaped like a dog - he says for his two long haired dudes it does its job.. so I think it should be ok. :)
  6. Furminator?


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  8. pinkman


    I find that using a comb at the end is very effective as it catches the loose hair on the body that's made from the Zoom Groom. My long haired dude is a cream point DLH - so it's quite difficult to actually see the loose hair on him. But it's definitely there. For the Zoom Groom I use short...
  9. pinkman


    No - I actually suggest not to get the Furminator (or any bootleg) for a long haired cat. For long-haired cats the Furminator really damages the coat in the long run, I found out. What I do with my long haired one is I use a Zoom Groom to loosen up the hair, and then follow with a metal comb. 
  10. pinkman

    Trader Joes out of canned food

    I was told by a friend who asked someone who works at Trader Joe's that -someone- wrote a rave article/review on their cat food. Because of it people were waiting in line to get into Trader Joe's to purchase it. I went to the Brooklyn Trader Joe's yesterday and found that they only have the...
  11. pinkman

    This Raw Food Diet Is Serious Business..advice for a newbie?

    Ritz - you mentioned something very important! She does eyeball everything, which is not something you should do when just starting. Eventually you can get an idea of how much organ you may need but it's always good to start out with actually measuring. 
  12. pinkman

    This Raw Food Diet Is Serious Business..advice for a newbie?

    cprcheetah gives very good advice here. Also, check out this link: It gives a lot of good introductory information, along with what styles of raw feeding you can do. I know it's quite overwhelming, but once you digest it... it's not too...
  13. pinkman

    Looking for non-pate (chunky/pieces) grain free canned food in the 5.5 oz size - any company make it

    I haven't gotten the smaller cans of Weruva/Cats in the Kitchen. I HAVE however bought the smaller and larger cans of the Tiki Cat in chicken varieties. I'd say I've never thought that the textures were different between the large and smaller cans. 
  14. pinkman

    Looking for non-pate (chunky/pieces) grain free canned food in the 5.5 oz size - any company make it

    Tiki Cat - Comes in two good chicken varieties, shredded. Weruva - Similar to Tiki, more protein/mix options. They also have the "Cats in the Kitchen" line which is also decent. ^ Those two are the first ones that come up in my head...
  15. pinkman

    Three year old now a grazer! Also MEGA picky! Start over? New proteins?

    Well, I am not sure if it's because of the essence (Safe Space) but the two seem to be co-existing pretty well AND Lox's appetite has been well also! But I have to admit I made more changes to her diet: Once the blizzard is gone I have a trip to Flushing planned - there I can probably get some...
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, January 14

    Iced or hot it doesn't matter - black all the way. For tea I drink green tea hot, straight.
  17. pinkman

    What's one positive thing you can say about the last 24 hours of your life? 2014

    My tooth pain from pneumonia is reducing thanks to pain killers and antibiotics. Other than that, my new primary care and I finally figured out why I have been sick so often the past year. On a strict medical plan now. That said, my top back teeth still hurt from the sinus pressure so I made a...
  18. pinkman

    Early AM bored cat starting to scratch carpet.

    Have you tried playing with him ON the scratching surfaces (posts, cardboard scratchers, etc) ? Also, how sturdy/big/tall are they? Do the scratchers move around easily? I found that the sturdier the post is, and bigger - my cats tend to enjoy them more.  Also, since he's 9 months old - I...
  19. pinkman

    Is my cat in heat?

    Hi -  How old is she, and how long have you had her? Also, is she spayed? If she is not spayed she may definitely be in heat. Until you get her spayed please make sure to keep her in AT ALL COST. I also encourage to get her spayed A.S.A.P - Not only being in heat is very stressful on her...
  20. pinkman

    88% meat, organs and bone; 12% veggies

    ( I'm assuming that the 88% meat, organ, and bones along with the 12% veggies is for the B.A.R.F. diet as I quoted there. That said, I believe that the PMR model (80%...