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    Good company

    When you have good company you dont mind to stay at home
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    Realy thank you all
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    Leeloo 2002 - 2019 My beloved, my daughter, my everything in life i realy hope we meet again in the afterlife rip baby
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    Almost Every Morning ...

    She was my brothers cat but before 5 years he died and i inherit her. Her name is mishka and she is my third cat
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    Almost Every Morning ...

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    What type of couch is good to have that a cat won't scratch?

    The holes are like the tip of a pin, the color is beige. One of my 3 cats in the 13,5 years that we live together destroyed 4 couches. 2 fabric and 2 faux leather. She also destroyed countless curtains etc. So you think those microfiber are going to last ?
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    What type of couch is good to have that a cat won't scratch?

    Hello to all . I just bought two microfiber couches and i noticed small holes from my cats is that possible ?
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    Hello From Jaeger! (Semi-Pic Heavy)

    Adorable your Jaeger. May i guess that you named him after Mick Jaeger ?
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    Very small eyes in kitten?

    She looks  quite normal to me :)
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    Catlover's gold dry cat food

    I return to Orijen. Wow they love it so much. They have so much energy now they play twice as much. That food is a miracle.
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    Catlover's gold dry cat food

    Thats my broblem. Origen and applaws was the best dry food i use to give to my cats. Im going to finish the bag i have og catlovers gold and i thing im going to return to orijen again which is 7.5 kg 50 euros.  As for the cats in Greece is quite like you find out but there are a lot of people...
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    Catlover's gold dry cat food

    Thank you very much for your time im waiting for your input.
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    Saying hi from England!

    Full of cuteness
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    Allow me to show a younger photo of Leeloo please.
  15. DSC00090.JPG


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    Catlover's gold dry cat food

    Hello i use to feed my cats Orijen dry food but since crisis hit Greece so hard some pet shop owners told me about catlover's gold food that it costs less than orijen. Does anyone know any info about that food ?
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    hi from pikko n kitto

    So cute ! Get ready to become a cat servant now. :)