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  1. mewlittle

    Anxiety issues anyone with tips?

    Anyone with tips on how to handle anxiety? I hate it when i get an anxiety attack :/
  2. mewlittle

    declawed cat what cat litter is best?

    Hi I currently don't own any cats at the moment but my mother in law has a cat she got him jan 13th this year he happened to be declawed for medical reasons and this cat used to be abused not by his late previous owner thou this cat was set on fire was thrown on walls etc his late previous owner...
  3. mewlittle

    Declawed cat question NO BASHING

    My mother in law got a cat today his name is mischief already declawed she new his late owner she made a promise to her she would take him when she passes she was on hospice When mischief was still with his late owner he required an injurie to his claws the only way to fix it was to declaw him...
  4. mewlittle

    Flagyl question

    My cat Marty got prescribed Flagyl for 7 days for diarrheal issues how long after taking the flagyl for it to work? and if it does get ride of the diarrhea will he continue to have normal stools after stopping the Flagyl if not how long would he have to take it for? I have a gut feeling it...
  5. mewlittle

    Question about treats and a raw eater

    Hi can a raw eater have cats treats ? Because I know they shouldnt eat dry when they on a raw diet If they can have the treats what ones do you recommend? If they cant have the treats what other crunchy things can cats it? Im asking bc I want to get the cat toys you put dry treats in that...
  6. mewlittle

    Question on liquid antibiotics

    Hi how long does the amoxicillin pink liquid last in the fridge? My cat was just put on it and I dont want it to spoil
  7. mewlittle

    Equine fresh as cat litter?

    I used equine fresh pine bedding before as litter a few years back for a short time and I know how to clean it out but I stopped using it because was unable to go to the store that had it but now im able again im thinking about switching the cats back to it because it doesn't stink and its cheap...
  8. mewlittle

    I need litter suggestions

    Anyone recommend a cat litter or non cat litter but can be used as litter that isn't dusty but will keep stink down? I think im allergic to the tidy cats and kroger brands
  9. mewlittle

    Vitamin D question

    Is vitamin D fat soluble in cats? Also do cats store vitamin D like humans or no?
  10. mewlittle

    I got honked at twice

    I was walking to DG and a vehicle honked at me then when I was walking back home from DG a different vehicle honked at me I have no idea why I was walking on the sidewalk when they honked I acted like I didnt hear the honking If they honked at me bc they think im sexy or something that don't...
  11. mewlittle

    Friskies cat concoctions NEW

    I was bored and was browsing new added wet foods on chewy and ran across Friskies cat concoctions it has 3 flavors of that type I don't think i'm gonna try it on my cats or unless i see single cans of it at the store lol anyone else seen it?
  12. mewlittle

    question about raw and dry

    I forget why can't a cat have raw and dry together? I know it does something but i forgot what and how long after eating raw or dry before they can have the other? My curiosity is getting to me lol
  13. mewlittle

    anyone have an idea of what this is?

    I been taking my cat Marty to the vet but they are at a loss on what is causing his diarrhea he never has a normal poop anyone have an idea what could be causing it so I can ask the vet if it's that or not? he currently eating 50 percent raw with 50 percent soulistic wet he was tested for...
  14. mewlittle

    Any suggestions?

    Ok I started my cat Marty on 50 percent raw and 50 percent wet Solistic anyway what meats and organs etc do you recommend to help a cat with intestinal issues? also wet is temporarily by the way
  15. mewlittle

    Cat peeing in dry food help

    My cat Jackson peed in the dry cat food why did she do this? As soon as i caught her doing it i put her in the litter box and threw away the dry that was in the bowl the cat boxes are clean i dont know were to post this anyone have an idea why she did it? Thank you
  16. mewlittle

    17 yr old with breathing issues what could it be?

    My cat is 17 yrs old and in the past 2-3 days her breathing has been getting worse she sometimes coughs or spits up thick flyid or mucus and i have to whipe her mouth off she weezes doesn't move around much she didnt eat much today pottys ok and hiding in the bathroom as soon the vet opens up im...
  17. mewlittle

    Em i feeding the right amount?

    I was wondering if im feeding to litter or to much or just right all my cats are at a good weight Mikaela and marty gets 1/2 wet in the morning and night and everymeal Marty gets a half naturesvet digestive enzymes which seems to be helping Earl ,stefan ,and the 4 new kittens borns july 20ths...
  18. mewlittle

    I got a couple of questions

    I have a couple of questions regarding adults 3mo old and newborn feeding schedual I want the best for my 9 cats so here is the question 1 is farmina chicken dry good for all life stages? The protein is 44 and fat is 20 that what someone said it was after they got it in the mail idk for sure 2...
  19. mewlittle

    Purina buys Merrick and Castor & Pollux and more

    Purina has bought The brands Merrick ,caster in pollux ,whole earth farms ,ultimix ,organix ,and good buddy natural treats im not sure if im missing any other brands but i do know im not buying merrick or any of these again bye bye these brands in my cats rotation
  20. mewlittle

    Strongid dewormer and URI question

    Does anyone know how long after giving Strongid to cats before it gets ride of all the roundworms? my 4 adult cats and 1 4-5 week old kitten Earl got dewormed with it on june 9th next dose due june 30th And if your cat got Strongid at any point did they act like they didn't really have much of...