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    I miss you

    We lost our Sammy in July 2021. He was my soulmate, and I miss him every day, it hasn't become any easier.
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    In desperation

    After losing my baby, I contacted an 'animal communicator'. She told me things which were pretty accurate. I don't know if I'm just being desperate; dos anyone have any experience of this?
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    We are not alone

    When I lost my furry best friend, I felt that my loss was generally minimised, because he was a cat and not a human child, yet I was heartbroken, He was my best friend, and I honestly felt that he was my soulmate. He was so intelligent, so loving and so funny. Reading this forum has given me...
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    Thank you

    I feel I need to say a big 'thank you' to posters on this site, who have been so incredibly kind when posting about the loss of my precious Sammy. The past year has been filled with doubts, recriminations and sorrow, but your support has been genuinely appreciated, and helped me enormously...
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    1 year on

    We lost our beautiful Sammy a year ago. It hasn't got any easier, I miss him so much, he was such a special little guy. I feel quite traumatised, and keep questioning whether we should have put him through the interventions that we did. We honestly believed we could save him, we were wrong. I...
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    Sammy, my soul mate, is gone.

    Sammy, my beautiful 11yo black cat, was put to sleep on July 8th. He became unwell a year ago, and after many investigations, was diagnosed with idiopathic hepatitis. This evil disease defied logic, and medication. On July 6th, he suddenly became unwell, and started hallucinating and being...
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    Idiopathic hepatitis

    Our adored moggy became unwell about a year ago, lots of tests, ended up with the diagnosis of idiopathic hepatitis. After O-tube feeding, he gained weight and made a good recovery (although has remained jaundiced). He has started to dip again, and we are absolutely desperate to help him -...