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    How do you store vetsulin for trips? Does this work well?

    My cats are traveling with me a few hours away next week! I didn't know something like this exists and I hope it works well. Original plan was using a small styrofoam cooler and some icepacks but I'm afraid it'll be too cold for the insulin or the fall out of the cooler.
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    Ckd Diet Help

    I've been reading thru the articles on here and its a lot. A lot of the lists are not updated. Those of you with cats who have CKD what diets are they on? What do you look for in the analysis? What percentage of phos should the food be etc?
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    Cats Fur Rough Due To New Food?

    Per the vet my cats are on a urinary diet. Wet and dry because the wet alone is expensive and I'm a bad cat owner. Anyways I'm not sure if its due to them getting older or the food as I'm noticing around the same time is their coat is not as soft. Its a bit rough like older 20yro cats. I'm not...
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    New Cat Litter Box

    Not sure where to post this. My cats have always used one cat litter box. I have tried a second litter box before but probably gave up too quickly. Well fast forward to now. My cats are on a new diet that has been making them potty more. I added another box today. How should I get them to use...
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    Does Your Cat Drink A Lot Of Water?

    I recently changed my cats food to a vet diet. Not sure if its the heat or food but they seem to drink more than usual. My one cat just had bloodwork/doneU less than 3 months ago nothing to worry about. I have a Tupperware glass bowl and they go thru a bowl in a day. Even if I feed wet food same...
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    Transitioning From A Free Fed Diet

    Any tips? I believe my cats are gaining weight on their new urinary so moderate calorie food. I think in total they're probably getting a little over two cups between the two of them a day. They get wet food occasionally but the urinary wet food is super expensive. I need all the tips I can...
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    Urinary Cat Food

    Should it make my cats more thirsty? Seems like on the new food they're going thru way more water. Is that the purpose of the food? I feel like this is a stupid question.
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    Show Me Your Home Made Litter Boxes!

    Hey. I'm interested in making a DIY litter box. Share pictures, cost, how long they last, and the pros and cons. Thanks.
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    Fresh Step Litter Alternative

    I'm noticing my kitties are going through a box of 25lb litter faster than usual. I feel awful but my kitties are on a crappy new urinary food so that's probably why. Are there any clumping litters a little cheaper for poundage but are pretty much like fresh step or scoop away? I prefer no tidy...
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    Favorite Litter?

    Not sure which forum this topic belongs in. What are your favorite and least favorite litters? Advantages and disadvantages? I use scoop away or fresh step unscented clumping. I tired the pine litter and that stuff was messy!
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    Renal Failure Signs?

    Other than bloodwork and other lab test results what are some symptoms your cat(s) showed as a result of renal failure?
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    Grains Vs No Grains

    How do we know what is true anymore? The nutrition market is constantly changing. How do we know what to believe. While vets vets offices push for Royal Canin, Science Diet etc. Those diets may be good for pets that need a special diet. I have taken nutrition classes and was told from more than...