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  1. amarshall0919

    My dear Milkshake.

    Two years ago today, Milkshake left this world. August 30, 2020. I first met Milkshake September 2019. I went to go pick my mom up from work at 10 pm and when we got back, I heard the loudest meowing. I was trying to figure out where it was coming from. I looked over at my neighbors porch and...
  2. amarshall0919

    I Have to Rehome My Cat

    I have a few other threads about this. If someone can merge them so other people know what I’m talking about that would be great. I am so upset. My cat Smoothie suddenly attacked our other cat Midnight last year in July. It was awful. It was for no reason. We went to the vet. They said her...
  3. amarshall0919

    Cat Behavior/Hormones still hasn’t changed.

    On July 21st I made a post in this group about a sudden and bizarre behavior change in my 1 year old cat female cat, Smoothie. She viciously attacked our other cat and refused to stop. She then turned on me and my husband. People advised that she be took to the vet to see what’s wrong. The vet...
  4. amarshall0919

    Removing Cat Stitches

    My 1 year old cat, Smoothie, was spayed 13 days ago and is getting her stitches out today. She has been suffering with some hormonal issues which is why she had to get spayed in the first place. The vet told us that before they done the surgery, she freaked out on them, was hissing, and tried to...
  5. amarshall0919

    Blood in Kitty Litter?

    My 1 year old cat Smoothie was spayed 11 days ago. We were going to get her stitches out yesterday, but we are having to wait until Monday which will be 13 days post-op. The kitty litter we use is a mixture of the clumping and crystals, so you can sometimes see the color yellow while changing...
  6. amarshall0919

    Concerned about Cat Stitches

    My 1 year old cat Smoothie was spayed last Tuesday. That means that today is day 9 of the healing process. Everything has looked good up until this morning. On the first stitch, there is a ball of crust and I can’t tell if there’s an opening underneath or not. Everything else looks fine, but I...
  7. amarshall0919

    Skin Growing Over Cats Stitches

    It’s only been three days since her spay surgery, but one of the stitches is getting covered by skin. Literally one whole side of the stitch is covered in skin now. The stitch area is also bumpy. I’m attaching a picture for reference, and circled the one that is being covered by skin. The vet is...
  8. amarshall0919

    Spay Incision

    Does this spay incision look alright? We are on day three since the surgery. It does look a little red to me, and it seems that some crust may be forming. I notice that it’s also more swelled in that area than it has been the previous days. I know this is a part of it healing, I just want to...
  9. amarshall0919

    Does Feliway really work?

    Has anyone used feliway, and it actually helped behavioral problems in their cat? I really need to know because no matter what we do, our female cat won’t stop trying to attack our male cat. The vet says she is healthy.
  10. amarshall0919


    My 11 month old cat, Smoothie, has had an intense and sudden behavior change. She has always gotten along with our 5 year old male cat, Midnight. They will play fight, and you can tell they are playing. They share food together, lay by each other, and will even lick each other. However, just...
  11. amarshall0919

    Cat Breathing

    Hi everyone. My five year old cat, Midnight, has been breathing rapidly. When he sits or lays down, both his chest and abdomen move quite a bit. He is also taking coughing fits where my fiancé and I can hear mucus. In these coughing fits, he doesn’t open his mouth when he’s making the noises, he...
  12. amarshall0919

    Decisions, decisions.

    On June 5th of this year, I will be getting married. My fiancé has many job opportunities out of state. He wants to move to a particular state that is about 830 miles away from where we are living now. I currently live with my parents, but when we get married I will of course be moving in with...
  13. amarshall0919

    Will she be okay?

    I’m writing this post because I’m a little worried, and I need to get it off my chest. This morning, I was at my fiancé’s house. Our kitten, Smoothie always lays at the foot of the bed. For some reason, my alarm did not go off on my phone. I wake up to my mom calling me. It was 4:35 am and my...
  14. amarshall0919

    What to do?

    I was unsure whether to post this in the Heath forum or here, but this seems more fitting. There are many stray cats near my house, and when my outside cat, Milkshake, died, I told myself to no longer have any outside animals because it is so rough for them. Here we are, almost three months...
  15. amarshall0919

    Question about rabies shot

    My 9 year old inside cat, King, just came up to me with a dried bloody ear. I’ve attached a photo, and I’ve already cleaned it up. Does this look like it could be a mouse bite? The reason I ask is about 5 days ago he killed a mouse, and there may be more if there was one. When I left the house...
  16. amarshall0919

    Cat Asthma?

    My fiancé and I’s 4 year old cat, Midnight, has always breathed loud. When he sleeps, you can hear him breathe pretty loudly. Even though he does breathe loud through his nose sometimes, he’s never had any other problems with his breathing. He’s very healthy, and loves to play. However, about 3...
  17. amarshall0919

    Bringing a new kitten into home

    Hey everyone. I’m looking for some advice on how to properly introduce a two month old female kitten to a four year old male cat. Currently, the kitten is living outside on my porch with my chihuahua, Skit. They get along perfectly and love each other. However, cold weather is coming extremely...
  18. amarshall0919

    Cat Advice ASAP! Head cold?

    My cat has recently been diagnosed with a head cold, and just started receiving antibiotics today. When I came home from the store just now, his little nose looks like this. It looks like it’s been scratched, but what do you all think?
  19. amarshall0919

    9 year old cat has begun to act very different.

    I’m writing this in hopes somebody can help me. My 9 year old cat, King, has always been on the grumpy side, but he loves to play and run through the house. However, this past week, I started to notice him act slightly different. He was not wanting to play, and was sleeping most of the day. He...