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    Foods that guarantee a particular urine pH

    This came up in the Purina ONE thread, but I thought I should start a new thread. Can anyone provide the names of cat foods that guarantee a particular urine pH? Links would be great. I understand that many companies claim that a certain range in pH may result from a cat eating their...
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    Injured gray kitten could use some vibes

    There's a little gray tabby feral kitten that's been hanging around here. He's been warming up to me over the past 2 days or so. Well, last night he showed up on my back porch, limping. The skin and fur on his right front paw was just hanging loose. I could see the tendons on his toes...
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    So cats don't like upside down carpet runners, huh?

    Pixel says the "rule" doesn't apply to her. Those pointy bumps are comfy to lay on, I guess.
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    It's way too hot to snuggle but they don't care

    Precious, Paisley, and Junior snuggling this afternoon, despite the heat. And 2 more snuggling cats, just for fun Beandip and Pumpkin
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    Newman's Own - Have your cats tried it?

    Have your cats tried the Newman's Own cat food? Did they like it? Leopold, Pumpkin, Paisley, and Pixel tried the Turkey (canned) today. Overall, it got a good review...but there was a surprising twist. Paisley, my little garbage disposal -...
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    Unread PM ...but it's not there!!

    This morning when I visited the forums, as usual...I got a popup to alert me to a PM - and the box up in the right corner said Welcome Beandip, etc...and it said Private Messages: Unread 2. Ok, so I read the first message. Then I went on looking at the forums and remembered that there was a...
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    YIKES...Brown Recluse Spider Bite

    Anyone have any experience with brown recluse spider bites? Friday morning, just after midnight I saw Leopold in the bathroom...I could tell he had *something* cornered but I wasn't sure what. I turned the light on and saw the spider. I am PETRIFIED of spiders, but as quick as I could I got...
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    2 months with no heat cycle?

    If this question doesn't belong here, please forgive me. I have a sick cat (Precious) who has not been deemed healthy enough for any anasthesia by any of the vets who have examined her. So she is not spayed. She is a year old. All of my other cats are fixed and every possible precaution is in...
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    The dark side of Pixel... on the right (well, her left). She rarely sits still long enough to get a decent close up, but she cooperated a little bit today. I think she looks slightly annoyed, though.
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    There's nothing like sunshine on a fluffy white belly!

    I caught Pumpkin causing some mischief in the sun...Notice that Momma is completely unimpressed by her antics. Contemplating her next move:
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    Would somebody PLEASE turn on the heat? We're freeeezing.

    We've had a cold blast here ...I think they're trying to tell me to turn the heat back on...Momma (right) is not much of a snuggler, so this says a lot. And a close up...
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    How to capture the attention of 6 cats at once...

    Apparently, it's quite easy. Next time I'll try for all 8.
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    If you are boycotting because of the recall, What are you feeding now?

    My question is related to the poll found here One of the options for the poll is: Are you boycotting "All wet & dry foods of companies associated with Menu Foods." ? I'm just curious, if you are boycotting all wet and dry foods produced...
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    Paisley could use some vibes

    Paisley is one of my 10 month old Torties. She normally eats enough for 2 cats...but her appetite diminished quite a bit Monday afternoon. She was still nibbling, just not eating so much like normal. She didn't vomit, though...and she pooped normally Tues. afternoon. Still had a lousy appetite...
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    Question: How Many Cats Can Fit in One Windowsill ?

    Answer: 6.5 (Pixel's on the right...trying to squeeze in on the action). Ok, so they're not really all ON the sill...but I thought it was cute anyway. Been awhile since these guys got any fresh air, I guess.
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    Catnip Tea - Am I nuts?

    I've been trying to get Beandip to drink *something* to wash his pills down. After 3 pills, coming at him a 4th time with a syringe of water is not much fun. He's a good boy, but the 3rd pill is usually his limit. I tried tuna water...he wasn't enthused. Occasionally, he will accept chicken...
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    Albeta - Urine acidifier ?? Any info?

    Beandip's urine pH runs a bit too high, so he is prone to some occasional peeing problems. In an effort to get him on a food that he likes (and what I like), I've talked to the vet and opted to feed him non Rx food, but to give him an acidifier to keep his urine pH in the right range. The vet...
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    Eagle Pack canned food

    Have your cats tried the Eagle Pack canned food? Here, they loved the Chicken and Lamb. They like the Duck and Oatmeal too. The Turkey and Barley TANKED big time. I wonder what was so yucky about it? Must be the barley. It's the 5th ingredient. Turkey & Barley Formula Ingredient Listing...
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    Long haired kitty - dirty rump

    Pumpkin is my first long haired cat. I just noticed this morning that she has "poopy butt" (a little mess on her 'britches'). I've never seen a mess like this on her before...will she be able to clean it up or will I need to intervene? Does this happen a lot with long haired kitties? It looks...
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    How many meals per day for your cat?

    I'm sure this has come up before, but I'm curious. How many times per day do you feed your cat? If you want to elaborate with some details, please do!