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    Fecal Incontinence Two Days After PU

    My 4yr old boy Pablo had PU surgery in mid-July. after blocking 3x in 5days. He had to wear a cone and stay in a dog crate for 2weeks. I try to give him 5cc's of water in a syringe 2x a day as the vet had said there was an "insane" amount of sludge. I'm not real happy with the Urinary...
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    Rescued a "semi feral", have a resident cat, 1 bedroom but I want to make it work so badly!

    In the end it will depend on their personalities. I have the utmost respect for what you've already done, and very much hope that the two cats will be compatible. Otherwise, I myself have a screen door to my bedroom which one of my cats stays in; it's right beside my living room. That works...
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    Blocked Tom - Please Share a Message of Hope

    Thank you for the good news!
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    Blocked Tom - Please Share a Message of Hope

    Is he in a dog crate? My vet had me keep Pablo in a cone, in a large dog crate with the ceiling lowered half way so that he wouldn't try climbing inside the crate. The crate was right beside my bed. Those 2 weeks were just plain rough. But Pablo is back to his old self, tearing around the...
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    Blocked Tom - Please Share a Message of Hope

    So very sorry to hear about Simba's ongoing fight with this. You certainly have your hands full lately, what with Simba's blockages topped with your dog's diarrhea! Surely they'll get him good and flushed out, and back to health. I hope you're hanging in there, especially as it sounds like...
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    Blocked Tom - Please Share a Message of Hope

    I just found this site; my 4yr old Pablo had PU surgery in mid July. He blocked on a Friday, then again on Tuesday, then on Wednesday. The vet said Pablo had an "insane" amount of sludge, but it was caught before any kidney damage. The PU surgery was done that day by a pricey (but so worth...