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  1. S

    Ideopathic chylothorax diagnosis

    My cat has been breathing heavily lately so I took him to an emergency vet yesterday to find out he has chylothorax and the vet recommended euthanasia. I was absolutely devastated, he's only 5 years old and has always been healthy and happy so to hear that news was shocking. I begged for...
  2. Q

    Chylothorax after surgery

    ...again issues with breathing and we brought him back in the middle of the night to the vet (clinic is open H24). He was diagnosed with chylothorax as consequences of surgery (they tapped him around 300 ml). Medications were changed and switched to prednisolon to support him. New protocols also...
  3. D

    Update on my cat—hunching, chylothorax, hyperthyroid, heart issues and kidney issues—rutin supplement

    ...Got her back on Monday for her second drainage from her chest. The first time was in April. The fluid was sent out and they said it is chylothorax effusion—I hope that’s the right words. They aren’t positive if it’s coming from only her heart or if something else is going on too. She has...
  4. S

    What Does Coughing vs Wheezing Sound Like?

    I was talking to a tech about my cat. We were trying to determine if what I'm hearing and seeing is coughing or wheezing. They want me to get a video and send it to them. Easier said than done. While I'm waiting, does anyone know where I can find examples of coughing vs wheezing? I did check on...
  5. K

    Cat Cancer, Chylothorax

    ...effusion. Thoracentesis was done (basically they tap the chest cavity and withdraw the fluid). Fluid analysis showed cancer cells and chylothorax(chyle accumulating in the pleural cavity due to either disruption or obstruction of the thoracic duct). Vet recommends doing ultrasound of heart...
  6. darcifinn

    Cat Cancer

    My girl who just thirteen had her eye removed due to a tumor. The onocologist said it had clean margins but it was a sarcoma and very rare so we should do chemo. The day before her I removal she had had full X-rays and sonograms and they saw no evidence of it spreading. My vet, who I like...
  7. darcifinn

    Pet Insurance Pre Existing

    hi - I am thinking about getting pet insurance for our new kittens. The one challenge is the Vet said one may have feline herpes. He has not been tested and has only been seen once when he was stuffy. Would this still count as a pre existing condition? Does anyone know. Thanks, Erin
  8. Ravynn

    14 y/o cat with pleural effusion, advice?

    ...after physical exertion. I've ordered Rutin since I have no idea what kind of fluid is in her, so maybe it's heart related build up or chylothorax? The only weird thing today is that after doing certain activities she has small sneezing fits with nose twitches like something is tickling her...
  9. JessRae

    Fluid In Lungs, Difficulty Breathing, High Calcium Levels

    Hello - I'm looking for help. My vet is stumped so I'm trying to do every thing I can to find out what is going on with my cat Zoe. Zoe is 15 1/2 years old. She's been healthy her entire life. She's strictly an indoor cat. She had been coughing quite a bit. It started a few weeks back. She's a...
  10. S

    My Kitty Has Been Diagnosed With Idiopathic Chylothorax

    My beautiful baby is 9 years old and he has been the picture of health all these years. He was diagnosed 2 week ago very sudden onset of this condition. He has had 2 taps and by this coming Wed. he might need another one. His vet has recommended surgery but we are skeptical as to the prognosis...
  11. darcifinn

    Feeling Guilty About Medicating Cat

    My 12 year old girl is having a rough time. For three months the vet told us she has a scratch on her eye and it was cleared up. I did not believe it so I took her to a ophthalmologist. She has uveitis and was just tested positive for toxoplasmosis. I have her quarantined in the spare...
  12. D

    Feline Chylothorax

    I am looking for other cat owners who have had a cat survive or die from Feline Chylothorax. Please e-mail me your story. My friend has a cat that was just diagnosed with it and he would like to read other survivor stories. Thank you.
  13. S

    My cat has been diagnosed with chylothorax

    I am trying to research Chylothorax as my 11 year old cat was diagnosed with it just yesterday. I haven't slept in 2 days, he's currently at the vets office having more tests run. They so far have been unable to find the cause. I am devastated and confused. Any info or guidance that anyone can...
  14. veronica00

    How Did You Cope After Making The Decision To Euthanize?

    After a struggle to make the right decision and too much watching my cat suffer with a very grim prognosis, I made the decision to let him go today. I would love to hear from any members of the community who have had to make this decision and how did you cope? I feel physically sick and...
  15. V

    Cats with IBD. Symptoms & blood work?

    Hi Just wondered if you have a cat with IBD or suspected IBD then what were the symptoms that made you take you kitty to the vet and how long had these symptoms gone on for? Also, if your cat had blood work, what, if any, indicators were there in the blood results that pointed towards GI...
  16. xjessica86

    Chylothorax and heart failure

    ...said that his thoracic duct is leaking or has burst.  Doing a lot of research about this, it says that a low-fat diet is imperative with chylothorax so my question to you all... Any suggestions for a low-fat, low-sodium cat food? When he was first diagnosed with CHF, I about drove myself...
  17. darcifinn

    Cat With Eye Tumor

    ...She is a skittish kitty to begin with, so I know I wrote a lot I guess I just had to get it out. We lost her brother 8 months ago to chylothorax and now this weird thing. It makes me wonder what I could be doing wrong to have such an odd thing happen like that so close together. Please say...
  18. D

    Cat with congestive heart failure sneezing

    About six weeks ago, my 14 year old cat Mulligan started sneezing intermittently. She would sneeze a few times in a row and then not sneeze again for hours or even days. She was eating and active and did not have a fever or a runny nose or eyes. My husband and I thought it might be allergies...
  19. S

    Help! Senior cat labored breathing

    My male cat is 11 years old. Within the last 24 hours I have started to notice heavy breathing. He seems to still be eating normally. Now the back story: 3 weeks ago he was not acting like himself. Not playful, seemed grumpy. When I went to change his litter I noticed what looked like brown...
  20. flowergirl989

    Kidney Stones, treatment required?

    ...labored breathing.  I, of course, took him to the vet, who did new x-rays.  The cause of the labored breathing was determined to be Chylothorax, and I was told he would have just a few days left to live.  I was also told, as a side note, that he had kidney stones and one stone in his...