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  1. Antonio65

    2022 Feline Birthday / Gotcha Day Thread

    Happy Gotcha Day, Daisy, how lucky you have been two years ago! You couldn't end up to a better home ;)
  2. Antonio65

    Fuel prices in your area

    It's the same here, same chain and a few cents per liter difference, only a few km away.
  3. Antonio65

    Tom has left me forever

    Tom was a handsome guy, and I'm sure he was a sweetheart, like my Tom was. You did what was good for him, though it has been painful. RIP Tom, you were loved very much.
  4. Antonio65

    Anxious about Leaving Cats at Home for 2 ~ 3 Weeks

    My previous two cats were regularly left at home, alone, for three weeks every year when we were on holiday. We had a neighbor, relatives, friends to take care of them during our absence, in that order, because we were looking for someone who had the necessary "training" to deal with cats, so we...
  5. Antonio65

    Living with Felv+ and Felv- kitties

    I say that you are doing it all perfectly, and after all, if after five months of life together, without you knowing what was going on, then I may say that luck is on your side. What I would do, though, and I say it again "what I would do" (not what you should do), is to have the other three...
  6. Antonio65

    How do I stop this?

    Well, ten days later, and no other signs showed up, and no other pieces of rubber band were found in the litter box, so I can say the worst is over. Surely this cat knows how to keep me alert!
  7. Antonio65

    Living with Felv+ and Felv- kitties

    I was going to write and ask you if there was some news, and I'm reading this. I am sorry for the confirmation of your doubt, let us know what the vets will tell you tomorrow.
  8. Antonio65

    Your Opinions Please

    If you allow me to add a few words to your post, scintigraphy also helps vets understand whether there are hectopic masses, that is when another mass is producing thyroid hormones outside the thyroid itself. Usually these hectopic masse can locate in the cat's chest. The scintigraphy spots them...
  9. Antonio65

    Ringworm Chaos

    I'm really curious about that lamp. It could be really useful in several cases.
  10. Antonio65

    Ringworm Chaos

    Bleach sounds too aggressive to me, the smell might be unbearable for you and for the kittens. If Lysol kills ringoworm, that should be enough. You can use disposable gloves when you handle them. There are shampoos or other products to be applied topically, or there are medicine to be taken...
  11. Antonio65

    Help to identify our kitten’s gender?

    That is a good point!
  12. Antonio65

    Help to identify our kitten’s gender?

    The two "holes" are more far apart than if it was a girl. I would wait for someone else to chime in and have their say, though ;)
  13. Antonio65

    Two years today since Maddie crossed the bridge

    What a lovely girl she was. Of course you miss her. You will never forget her, just as she will never forget you. I noticed the leash too, and I smiled, because this means that I'm not alone in this ☺
  14. Antonio65

    Help to identify our kitten’s gender?

    I'm sure it's a boy ;)
  15. Antonio65

    Any Alternative To Keeping Feral In Trap Before Vet

    Actually, some cats get even more afectionate or attached to the human who has trapped them. Sometimes the cat might go through a period of lessened trust, but in time the bond will be back to where it was. Well, such a pill does exist, but it is not as healthy and safe, so vets tend not to...
  16. Antonio65

    What are some fun/interesting facts about you (that you don't mind sharing)?

    After the Netherlands, the US has the highest rate of left-handed people in the world. I realize this every time I watch an American movie ;)
  17. Antonio65

    Proper teat growth?

    Well, I'm not much familiar with cat reproduction either, but those masses do not look normal to me. But I could be wrong, because I have always seen "furred" cats.
  18. Antonio65

    My Little Angel is Gone

    I know how emotionally hard this year must have been for you. Your little Angel got his wings soon, but he accomplished his mission to bring you some love, because he returned you so much, he knew you did a lot for him. He was so beautiful, and now he's a shining star up there. He will be...
  19. Antonio65

    Pray for the best - I think Zoe has oral cancer

    I'm so sorry you and your cat Zoe are going through this. My cat Lola died to an oral SCC (cat in the avatar) in 2017, so I know what this means. I would like to ask how the bump under her chin feels. Is it hard and unmovable? Is it warmer than the rest of the chin? Do you see anything on the...
  20. Antonio65

    2022 Feline Birthday / Gotcha Day Thread

    Two years ago, November 27th, 2020, Freya became part of our family. Two weeks after her rescue, she was ready to come to her forever home. Here is the first photo I took of her that night.