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  1. FeebysOwner

    Chronic vaginitis

    This, to me, is way out there, but I am going to share it anyway. Chronic vaginitis associated with vaginal foreign bodies in a cat - PubMed ( Aside from that... Vaginitis in Cats - Cat-World I also checked for prior threads on this site (in case you didn't already do that, but they...
  2. FeebysOwner

    Anxious about Leaving Cats at Home for 2 ~ 3 Weeks

    Look for another neighbor, coworker, family member, friend, etc. It is always a good idea to have a second caretaker in case something happens to the primary one. You can let the neighbor know that you are looking for a second person as you've been told it is always good to have two. Perhaps...
  3. FeebysOwner

    What would you consider this?

    It is hard to say for sure, but I would consider him to have a tabby mackerel pattern. It is possible he could pass for a classic tabby; I don't exactly see the typical 'bullseye' on the sides, but the marble/swirls are often part of the classic tabby pattern.
  4. FeebysOwner

    Girl Kitten UTI not going away

    As long as they have not expired, but they won't resolve an infection. You kind of need to know what is behind her UTI to even know if the SO food would serve any purpose for her.
  5. FeebysOwner

    Girl Kitten UTI not going away

    What were your kitten's symptoms and how did you determine she needed to be seen by a vet? Sometimes, it can take at least half the duration of an antibiotic to even begin to see results. Sometimes, the antibiotic given is the not the correct answer. Did they do a urinalysis AND a urine culture...
  6. FeebysOwner

    Where's the Sun?

    I think some cats do react to various weather conditions, even more so with older ones. Feeby does not want to spend much time on her beloved screened in patio if it is overcast outside, and especially not when it is cooler. I don't look it as depression, but rather a cat choosing a more...
  7. FeebysOwner

    Help with Cat Not Eating - What to Try Before Making Vet Appointment

    I guess I would call the vet, tell them what is going on, and see if they think it would be OK to restart the Elura and Maropitant to see how she responds. If you can't reach them, then I think I would still try, and leave a message telling them what you are doing. I also wouldn't be all that...
  8. FeebysOwner

    Blind cat toileting on carpet

    Interesting 'tidbit' that wasn't mentioned before. Any chance that has anything to do, at least in part, with her issues? Does he wear a collar with a bell that would help her to know he is 'stalking'? Was this a behavior in your previous home?
  9. FeebysOwner

    Featured Two Cats Suddenly Fighting with a Third Making It Worse

    The why is actually pretty important because if the 'why' is still going on it is repeatedly setting off a trigger - at least for one of the cats. How are the current actual fights starting? With the one 'chill' cat that starts howling? It sounds like you are doing the right things in terms of...
  10. FeebysOwner

    How to stop kitten bring in mice

    I think if you want to have cats that catch mice, you will have to deal with the probability of them bringing them in dead - or alive - as a way to show you what they've done/can do. I personally do not think there is a way to encourage one behavior while discouraging the possible results. On...
  11. FeebysOwner

    Coughing cat and vet thinks its IBD

    Your best bet is probably to go with a novel protein - lamb, rabbit, venison, or duck (which I don't think is considered a poultry), or fish as mentioned above. Your problem will be finding ones that don't contain chicken or some sort of poultry-by-products. You will also have another issue in...
  12. FeebysOwner

    Coughing cat and vet thinks its IBD

    Given the events going on recently, I would be inclined to stay the course with hypoallergenic food and see if things turn around for him. Not to say he can't have IBD, but it would seem to be a bit of a leap considering all the circumstances in play. Is he doing OK with the new kitten? That...
  13. FeebysOwner

    Cat not eating out of jealousy?

    I agree that all the extra treats could be impacting her desire for her own food. But, I also think that she just may like his food better - not from jealousy, just from preference. Plus, the odds are you are feeding Arlo kitten food (?) and it never fails that many grown cats prefer that over...
  14. FeebysOwner

    Cat pooping outside litter box but urinates inside.

  15. FeebysOwner

    My cat keeps pooping outside of his litter box but urinating in it

    I would try the Miralax, as far as I know it really doesn't have a 'taste'. To start with mix 1/8 tsp with a bit of water, then add to his food. You can try increasing it to 1/8 tsp twice a day if you don't see results. Then, you can go up to 1/4 tsp a day, or even twice a day if needed. But, be...
  16. FeebysOwner

    Cat pooping outside litter box but urinates inside.

    Does he pee and poop in the living room box? Maybe he doesn't use that one at all? Regardless, then perhaps it is back to the poop smell not being removed from the area where he repeatedly goes. Enzymatic cleaners are your only hope in trying to remove the scent. For carpeting, I have used...
  17. FeebysOwner

    Cat pooping outside litter box but urinates inside.

    He is only 1 yo? It is possible that it is a health issue, but for so young and having had tests done just a little while back, it does seem odd. How close was he to this family member that moved out? Were there any food changes done around the time that the diarrhea started? What was done to...
  18. FeebysOwner

    Cat pooping outside litter box but urinates inside.

    Am I to understand that the box he used to poop in was moved, and that he still seems to want to poop in the location where it was? If that is the case, you probably need to move the box back to where it was originally, despite the fact it makes it harder to clean. After all, it can't be any...
  19. FeebysOwner

    Hill's Y/D Diet Not What It Used To Be

    I don't know about Alnutrin, but I know if you reach out to the folks at EZComplete, they will be happy to answer all your questions and address your issues. They might even be able to recommend a low iodine solution for you. I would expect Alnutrin would do so too. I also wonder if you post a...
  20. FeebysOwner

    Kitten afraid of other people

    See if there are any tips you might want your MIL to try in this TCS article (see link below). Also, another TCS article about cats and babies, if that might also be of benefit (albeit the short time line)! Congratulations! 14 Cat Experts Reveal: How To Get A Cat To Like Me – TheCatSite...