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  1. cards222002


    So I've posted before on Mr Trust on his animia, but he has developed bladder stones that we are trying to treat with hills urinary health formula. Well since being on in every morning the pour guy gets sick, we can tell hairball because mostly hair. Anything out there can help relieve this...
  2. cards222002

    looking for some advice

    So I have posted on this site before about my cat Trust. He is going through a battle with anemia, over three months in still no idea what's causing it. Well long story short my vet is leaning towards it may be leukemia in his bone marrow just because treatment of predisone, has not really...
  3. cards222002

    Anemic cat?

    As most people on here I am looking for support/comfort/answers for my poor little friend. On August 10th Trust my cat came up from one of his hiding spots(after some coaxing from my wife) once there something was wrong poor guy was struggling breathing, gums and nose as white as could be and at...