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  1. mrblanche

    Ringworm oral treatment

    We currently have at least four of our eight cats infected with ringworm. We could be chasing this for months, and in all honesty we don't have the time or ability. I know there has been an oral treatment for cats, but my usual vet professes ignorance of it. What was it? Is it still available?
  2. mrblanche

    Neighborhood smoke kitty

    I came home tonight to find a gorgeous long-haired smoke kitty dead in the alley.  RIP, baby.  I don't have any idea where you lived, but I moved you to the side so no one else would hit you but you owner can still find you, if they're looking for you. It was a crime to let this gorgeous cat...
  3. mrblanche

    Had to take the fosters back to the shelter...

    before they stopped being "kittens." Delly.  Uh.  Wait.  He looks not so much like a "kitten," does he?  Here he is with "Mama Sterling," our nursemaid (nurseman?) cat. Dottie cuddling with Delly and Little Tiger.
  4. mrblanche

    Have you applied for health care in the ACA exchanges?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has actually applied for health care in the "Obamacare" exchanges that opened Tuesday.  I went in and looked at it, but since I wouldn't be eligible for any subsidy (I make too much money and my employer has a health care plan), I didn't register or look at the...
  5. mrblanche

    NPR interview with author of "Cat Sense"

    Terry Gross, on her NPR show "Fresh Air," interviewed John Bradshaw, the author of "Cat Sense."  He is British, so he brings a slightly different (from many of us) view of cats to the discussion, but it was very interesting.  You can download the podcast, or you can listen here:
  6. mrblanche

    Delly needs a furever home.

    Our brown foster Ghirardelli (Delly) needs a furever home.  I don't want to take him back to the shelter, where just anyone who knows nothing about cats might adopt him. He's brown.  First brown kitten I've ever seen at the shelter.  He's sleek and appears to be from a Siamese background.  He's...
  7. mrblanche

    The newest fosters (2013)

    Here are photos of the newest fosters.  The two littlest ones are very small, and I do have some concern about them.  The tabby boy, especially, seems a little less than enthusiastic.  But he IS a lover!  He wants your lap in the worst way.  The brown boy (who we are calling, I think...
  8. mrblanche

    This is a test

    This is only a test. I got a new Nook HD+ (they're on sale for just $149) and I'm trying out my new bluetooth keyboard.
  9. mrblanche

    Brown kitten?

    The shelter has called and asked me to foster a kitten or two. The primary one they want me to work on socializing is a beautiful little chocolate brown boy. I know this is a rare color. Can any one make suggestions as to where such a color would come from?
  10. mrblanche

    Our little foster ZZ

    ZZ Clutching your trembling, feverish, Tuxedo-clad body to my chest, I fled the shelter for the vet. A few weeks of worry, Medication, And feeding brought Its own reward... A furry, purring, 3 a.m. collar.
  11. mrblanche

    Made it to the GoodGuys car show yesterday

    If I didn't shoot your particular passion, it wasn't for lack of trying! You can see all the photos here:[email protected]/sets/72157633013512555/ You like 1920's? 1930's? 1940's? 1950's? 1960's? Even 1970's?  (The cutoff for this club is 1972.) Oops...
  12. mrblanche

    Famous kittensitter Murkin has a new CH friend!

    I hope you've seen Murkin, the kitten fostering dog in his videos.  He has a new kitten with CH, cerebellar hypoplasia.  The kitten's name is Wobblepants, and he clearly loves Murkin.
  13. mrblanche

    A good way to waste some time

    As most of you know, I'm a hotrodder.  I have a 1923 Model T Touring Car hotrod.  And hotrodders tend to be an ... interesting... bunch.  Very individual, and most have a very real respect for the past. Well, one of the most popular hot rodding sites on the internet is the H.A.M.B.  We won't...
  14. mrblanche

    Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

    I have spent all day doing this upgrade, and I'm sure I still have some bad surprises coming.  If you're going to do it (and the price is reasonable, only $40 if you download the software), here are some points. If you currently have Windows 7, why would you upgrade?  But if you do, everything...
  15. mrblanche

    All nipped up!!!

    Here's Ella, our Katrina survivor kitty, enjoying some catnip on the cat perch.  Don't you wish you had something to make you fell this good?
  16. mrblanche

    This is not a "question of the day," or any such thing. However...

    I'll ask a question here that I've asked before, elsewhere. Suppose your family was one of the "1 percenters."  Make it even a "one tenth of one percenter."  That mean truly wealthy. Now (an impossible task), imagine that your are still who you are now, with the one difference that you have...
  17. mrblanche

    Ani and the pumpkins

    Sometimes, even the prettiest cats are hard to professionally photograph, and 2-legged Anikin is no exception!
  18. mrblanche

    Sassy has graduated...

    from the Blanche foster finishing school.  Yesterday, the shelter called and said they had an opening at our vet's office for a cat to be on display, so we took her up there.  She sure looks better than she did!
  19. mrblanche

    Someone asked about my cats, so here they are!

    Punkin, our truck cat and the senior member of the household. Sterling, the skinny little guy we got to exercise Punkin after he stopped traveling.  Today, Sterling needs the exercise. Ella, our Katrina survivor and a failed foster. Flambe, the most beautiful cat in the world, and...
  20. mrblanche

    The end of an era in hot rodding

    The builder of what is considered to be the first "Fad T" Ford T bucket died yesterday morning. Norm Grabowski built his T in the early 1950's. He used it as a show car and a dragster in the early days. Most of us first saw it on the TV show "77 Sunset Strip." If you don't remember it, your...