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  1. da hoomin

    claw trimming PANIC [not just anxiety!]

    Two things totally freak Hezký out and send him into an absolute PANIC:   going to the vet [he has to be sedated before we can even get him out of the carrier] and me touching his feet. He hasn't let me anywhere near his feet for 3 months now and his claws are deadly weapons. He's always liked...
  2. da hoomin

    is week old cooked chicken in fridge ok?

    I just discovered an entire pound of nicely cubed cooked chicken in the back of my fridge! I somehow missed it when I was making cat food last Tuesday. It was way in the back and it's temperature is 32 degrees. What I'm wondering is: would it be ok to shred it and dehydrate it? The kids are...
  3. da hoomin

    Do you add gelatin to your cats' food?

    I sounds like it definitely has positive aspects, but I'd be concerned about it making them feel full and then not eating enough food/nutrients.
  4. da hoomin

    Success! Transitioned from canned to home-made/cooked

    It's official! Malý and Hezký have been off canned/commercial food since Tuesday. Both are now eating home-made cooked. Malý is eating it a bit better than Hezký is right now. But even he got to the point over the last weekend where he wouldn't eat the bit of canned food I'd put in with the with...
  5. da hoomin

    my little stray

    I'm so sad. Stinit hasn't been by for his dinner in over a week. I hope he's ok.  I'm telling myself that he really does have a home and he's all warm and toasty and his belly's nice and full. 
  6. da hoomin

    what to do with gelled drippings

    I roasted 15#'s of boneless/skinless chicken and saved the drippings in the fridge overnight. Took off the layer of fat this morning and have nice gel with small bits of chicken in it.  What can I use the gel for?
  7. da hoomin

    Best way to cook?

    Spending tomorrow in the kitchen! I just came home with 26 lbs of meat.  I've been poaching chicken breasts to 165 degrees, but would appreciate input on the best - easiest - way to cook a big batch. Can I use the oven? I've got: chicken breast boneless, skinless 10 lbs  chicken thighs...
  8. da hoomin

    raw vs cooked weight difference?!

     I'm confused about how to weigh meat! I cooked 3#'s of chicken and now I have 1.5#'s? I don't understand! LOL Plus, it doesn't make sense to use a 3# portion of Alnutrin for 1.5#'s of food . . . Help? and -  "cats need 2-4% of their bodyweight in food so a 4kg cat would need anything from...
  9. da hoomin

    Anyone feed whole prey?

    Was browsing thru Hare Today and found whole prey - as well as ground mouse!  Both sound interesting to add to The Kids' diet later on down the road. I did  get some pinky-mouse-sicles from a snake-food site. They just got here and I've got a couple thawing out to see what The Kids think of them. 
  10. da hoomin

    What to do with frozen liver?

    I'm brand new to home-made and we are transitioning slooooowly. Someone gifted me with a 20oz container of Tyson's frozen chicken livers! Now what do I do?!  I know not to feed too much because it's high in Vitamin A and too much is toxic. So I'd appreciate a guess-timate of how much, how...
  11. da hoomin

    What to feed a stray?

    I've made friends with a stray that was dumped in my neighborhood about 6 months ago. I hadn't seen him for a while and hoped he'd found a good home. But he appeared a couple of weeks ago and I finally realized WHY Malý and Hezký spaz out and run from window to window nearly every afternoon...
  12. da hoomin

    A belated hello from Malý and Hezký

    Malý and Hezký are sister + brother tabbies. I wasn't new to animals, but I was to cats. I got a crash course in felines when they rescued me when they were only 4 weeks old. That was 2.5 years ago. We've had our adventures: from tummy upsets to thinking Hezký had swallowed a cord to Malý's...
  13. da hoomin

    Would appreciate input on this Green-Lipped Mussel supplement

    Trying to find a high quality, not-too-outrageously-priced omega 3 for Malý and Hezký. Recommendations? Would prefer powder because it'd be easier to sneak into their food. They do not like seafood! [Silly kitties] Hare Today's confuses...
  14. da hoomin

    pls help me decipher this Feline Nutrition Chart

    I found what looks like a helpful Feline Nutrition Chart @ but it's not clear [to me] what the min/max requirements are based on. Per pound? Per kilo? IDK.
  15. da hoomin

    Help! Need to get off canned + onto home-made ASAP

    I need help and a really quick jump-start for making home-made food, so that I can start transitioning Malý and Hezký asap - and be able to go as slowly as possible. ===== Malý and Hezký are 2.5 year old sister + brother tabbies. They rescued me when they were only 4 weeks old. They were in...
  16. da hoomin

    dehydrated / freeze-dried / air-dried - HUH??

    Venturing out into the unknown land of not-canned wet food -  What the heck's the difference between dehydrated / freeze-dried / air-dried - if any?
  17. da hoomin

    holistic/alternative treatment for seizures?

    Malý is 2.5yo and was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy about 4.5 months ago. She'd been having very mild petit mal/focal seizures for months, but when she began having them multiple times a week, she was put on phenobarbital. [16.2mg 2x day] This stopped the seizures completely for 3 months...
  18. da hoomin

    Hezký ate 18" braided cord - DAYS ago

    Brand new here - I need help/input/a shoulder and not sure where to go in this forum . . .  Hezký, my 2.5yo male tabby ate the 18" braided cord off of my medallion. I'm kicking myself! For 22 years, the ONLY TIME that I take that medallion off is to bathe. [that's beside the point - leaving...