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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article '5 Reasons To Never Spray Water On Your Cat'

    I did post. Only 2 people reply.
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article '5 Reasons To Never Spray Water On Your Cat'

    What if a cat you have keeps charging at the other cat who lived there first? One person in my house thought a squirt of water to Lilah would stop her from charging at Bee but it's not working...and I was right. So what's other things we can do when 2 cats are facing off? I told them to throw a...
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article '23 Proven Ways To Stop A Cat From Scratching Furniture'

    My sofas all have blankets and sheets covering them...I know it takes away from the look of colors that I picked out..but the Bee is an annoying scratching kitty so I just keep the furniture covered. She's got more cat furniture than I have for myself. SHe's got 2 huge trees, 2 small trees and 6...
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article 'Discover Your Cat's Genetic Makeup With Basepaws'

    ENTRY Honeybee is an unusual mix of ? And I would love to know her breed. I think she's Norwegian forest cat and Somalia breeds together. Thank you for this opportunity!
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article 'What Is Grooming A Show Cat Like?'

    Honeybee was at one cat show in Vermont in 2015. She was in the household pet category. She didn't win 1st place but 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th out of 6 rings. Which I was estatic considering she wasn't perfect show material. I wanted to find out what breed she was-never did find that out. She didn't...
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article 'Should You Add Coconut Oil To Your Cat's Food?'

    i never had any issues giving this to my cats. I used it externally. When a pet has a dirty butt and needs assistance cleaning, one add this onto a wet wash cloth then run it along the soiled areas-it will help pull said soils off. My groomer is the one who showed me this trick for my deceased...
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article '9 Luxury Cat Beds That Will Make Your Kitty Purr With Joy'

    wow I love all of these! Great beds for great cats! :hyper:
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article 'Why Do Cats Knead'

    Honeybee is a biscuit kitty. She happily kneads away with her face mashed into her blanket paws up by her head...she drools on the blanket but never seen her sucking it or biting it..just drooling...I could never understand why people wouldn't let their cat make biscuits. I think it's the...
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article 'Honey Bee - A Truly Inspirational Cat'

    I've been following Honey Bees story on Facebook for a few years now. I am always inspired by this sweet kitty. I am sad to see that Mouse has left for the Bridge. But am glad that another fuzzball will join Honey Bee in more adventures. Ive always adopted complex case kitties or senior cats...
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article 'Trapping Feral Cats In Japan'

    great article! Love the pictures too!! keep up the good work!
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    Comment by 'foxxycat' in article 'Turkish Angora Cats'

    I have been told that it's possible my Honeybee is part Turk Angora. They certainly are beautiful cats! And Honeybee is definitely not shy when it comes to people!