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  1. nanniecat

    Rotted Black Teeth / arthritis

    ...c them on line but i am always very hesitant to give something for her to ingest. i sometimes wonder if i am being overly cautious. after the FGESF and a very restricted diet, i fear it might cause problems? saw 3 diff vets and the response was "well, she's old" "keep a log" "shes too old for...
  2. T

    Samantha - leaking poop after colon resection

    Can you say how she is today? My cat had a Subtotal Colectomy a week ago and she is experiencing the same exact thing. The surgeon doesn’t understand why. I just don’t think it will improve. She’s oblivious and sleeps right through it. I’m going though everything you’ve described. I can’t...
  3. nanniecat

    18 yo tonk cant use back legs

    yes she has FGESF still been on pred 5 yrs. takes gabapentin for arthritis 25 mf 2xdaily(up fr 12.5 2xdaily)liver tbl resolved a while back.
  4. nanniecat

    Treating Arthritis in Cats

    ...gets some relief. it could be my imagination but she seems more lively already! today was also her 6 year anniversary for her successful surgery to remove FGESF filld tumor and part of her colon. so we had a BIG day today! has anybody else had experience with Solensia? i would luv some feedback!
  5. nanniecat

    Geoffrey Small Cell Lymphoma

    ...onco suggested it after meds would not control it! it works.!! i have been made aware that cats r often misdiagnosed with IBD when it is really FGESF. one vet contacted me for med records for her study. she is trying to educate. " Jun 13, 2022 · Due to its microscopic structure, FGESF can...
  6. nanniecat

    17 Year Old Cat with IBD and High WBC: Please Help

    have they considered FGESF? did they do a biopsy at any point? my baby was diagnosed 5 yrs ago. the diet is a hypoallergenic only. a yr ago they added Visbiome(probiotic)for diarrhea. it helped a lot. she is 18 now. she eats only novel proteins. right now she like RC PD> her kibble dujour is...
  7. missko

    Feline oncologists - colon cancer

    We just got the biopsy results. No cancer detected. Sam has Feline Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Sclerosing Fibroplasia (FGESF). It is very rare and we are learning more about it. Often misdiagnosed as cancer or IBD.
  8. fionasmom

    Samantha - leaking poop after colon resection

    FGESF – IBDKitties Ragdoll Cat Addie's Story of Feline Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Sclerosing Fibroplasia Discovery The above are quick reads when you get the time. Most research related to this condition is not covered on popular veterinary/cat care websites as it is rare. Search Results...
  9. nanniecat

    constant crying

    same cat. only child. i am never hesitant abt vet care because of her issues with FGESF. one of her vets calls her onco everytime he sees her(ev few months) to discuss. he has been her pc for over a yr. i only went back to her old vet practice cause they r cat only so they were one of the first...
  10. nanniecat

    18 yo tonk cant use back legs

    i think if it was just stress fr going to vet she would not have gotten so many normal test nmbrs. this is a cat that for 5 yrs goes tto hosp for ultrasound and complete work up. her glucose numbers have never been hi. she had just seen the pc(primary care) vet a mo ago and was normal. complete...
  11. missko

    Samantha - leaking poop after colon resection

    ...part of her anus. She does have anal sphincter tone and she is physically capable of holding her poop in (during follow up ultrasounds for her FGESF, the vets have noted poop in her bowels, which didn't slide out). Sam is one prednisolone and cyclosporine for her FGESF; vets have not...
  12. missko

    Samantha - leaking poop after colon resection

    ...when we are preparing the cats' meals, but she no longer tries to steal the other cat's food. Dr. Michael Linton, the Sydney based expert on FGESF, kindly had a video conference with us to discuss his experience in being involved in the treatment of 40+ cats with FGESF. The good news is...
  13. fionasmom

    Adequan For Feline Arthritis? Any Reviews

    Cats don't forget....definitely! You have your hands full. I looked up fgesf as I have no experience with it. Gabapentin Transdermal Gel Gabapentin transdermal?
  14. nanniecat

    18 yo tonk cant use back legs

    ...believed it was the pred which i had stopped she seems better everyday!. tmr she goes down to 2.5 ev other day. it will be a challenge with the fgesf. i had also stopped the Visbiome but i intend to start that back tmr. she seems alert, happy, eating well, talkative. i will continue to...
  15. nanniecat

    Adequan For Feline Arthritis? Any Reviews

    ...might be working? i managed to get her to take one! PROGRESS and she is calme as i heal! cats r OFTEN misdiagnosed with ibd when it is really fgesf. her reg vet diagnosed her with inoperable cancer. i took her to MedVet. the tumor was removed and sent out. diagnosis fgesf! grateful for her...
  16. LTS3

    18 yo tonk cant use back legs

    ...From some of your other threads here on TCS, you mention that your cat is on prednisolone long-term and is also taking gabapetin and has bad liver panels and has been treated for FGESF in the past and the (same?) cat is being treated by an oncologist. Is this your only cat or do you have others?
  17. J

    Cat with stomatitis

    That is good to know that she can be on prednisone for a long-time, because it defintely made her feel better. As of now, still on antibiotics, and doing quite well. And eating a lot. Thank you for writing to me Nanniecat to share your story.
  18. nanniecat

    18 yo tonk cant use back legs

    ...and tdy glucose was normal. her pc believes the cause was the pred. he said go to 2.5 ev other day starting 5/20. he is in touch w/her onco(fgesf) and said it would be a balancing act. i get that part and concur. but the lameness is still there. VERY concerning. he said could be arthritis...