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    Maddy the Calico Cat

    UPDATE! I have pictures of her! Here they are! Sorry if they are tilted sideways.
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    Pumpkin's kittens questions

    Here's the story of my kitten. Maddy the Calico Cat
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    Maddy the Calico Cat

    Unfortunately no. I haven't downloaded the photos from my phone to my computer yet, so I found this pic on the internet.
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    Maddy the Calico Cat

    Hiya! So my grandparents own a cat named Maddy. I will update this whenever I see her Information about Maddy Maddy is a calico kitten. She's 4-5 months old. She's both an indoor and outdoor cat. During the day she runs around in the yard chasing butterflies and falling leaves. If she sees...
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    Post Your Best "groaner" Joke

    Two wolves were eating a clown. One says to the other," does this taste funny to you?"
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    Pumpkin's kittens questions

    My kitten is well above 4 weeks old and she still sleeps in her box.
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    Begins and ends with A - Z

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    Those look amazing!
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    Do you think your cat would save your life?

    Yes. My kitten would try her best. Although she's just a kitten she would bite and scratch them to the best of her ability.
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    Cat attacks me at feeding time

    So if she is in the bathroom maybe try moving her to a bigger space. This way you can give her space while giving her food. Otherwise, I would just give her time to settle down.