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  1. classic67

    New kitten not sometimes not using litterbox.

    We adopted 2 new kittens and they are now 14 weeks old. We've been to the vet and they are healthy and thriving, but one occasionally urinates outside the litterbox, on a pile of laundry, on the piddle pads I have under the litterboxes and today on my drapes which were "puddled" on the floor...
  2. classic67

    Went to the vet today for our 6 month senior visit.............................I'm a wreck.

    Hi all cat lovers, I guess I'm posting because I'm looking for a glimmer of hope. I took my 13 year old cat Shelby in for her routine 6 month senior kitty check up today. All went well during the exam, but they took her out back for her bloodwork and came back and told me she either has a...
  3. classic67

    Arthritis in Cats

    A couple of days ago my 12 yr old kitty ran to jump on her kitty condo and fell off landing on her hip, which resulted in her dragging her hind leg when trying to walk. We raced her to the 24 hour emergency vet and she was diagnosed with severe arthritis in her hips and knees. They gave her...
  4. classic67

    Vet Is Not Sure About My Kitty's Uti

    Two days ago I noticed my Shelby was crying a little and going to the litter box and not making a puddle. So we raced her to the Emergency vet and they found blood in her urine and put her on Clavamox every 12 hours and assumed it was a UTI. After 4 doses, one of which I ended up with most of...