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  1. faeleen

    Grooming a finicky kitten.

    Hi guys! I know I haven't posted in a bit but I was hoping for some input on something for me. My kitten FaeLeen is now 7months old and finally finished with all her shots until next year, woot! Those who may remember know we have struggle pretty badly with her stomach issues but thankful she...
  2. faeleen

    Food sensitivities

    Hello! Can anyone recommend what I should feed (wet) my kitten with possible food sensitivities? Or at least where I should start with the process?
  3. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    My kitten, Fae (who just turned 4 months) has had tummy issues the last week. She started having diarrhea and I though maybe it was the probiotic I add to all of my cats food. I have stopped to see if it helped but she stated getting a hemorrhoid and really bad gas. She is seeing the vet in a...
  4. faeleen

    Purring Machine?

    My 3 month old kitten (as of today!) has a very loud purr. However, she never stops purring. She purrs when she plays toys, eats, sleeps, see's my other cats, see's anyone, if anyone looks at her, when we touch her- it's none stop. I know there's nothing wrong with it, but was wondering if...
  5. faeleen

    My cats age?

    Can you guys help me with my babies age? She is supposed to be 3 months but seems younger... I don't have much experience with kittens. She just over 3lbs.. -
  6. faeleen

    Merrick Canned?

    Got an email from petco for 20% my entire purchase and when I went in Merrick was buy 8 and get an additional 10% off. So I went crazy and loaded up on all the flavors (except fish). They had an awesome variety! I have my kitties (2 adults, 1 young kitten) on 1/2 wet + 1/2 primal raw. Was hoping...
  7. faeleen

    Nature's Logic?

    Next month I will be putting in a order at They don't carry Nulo, which is what my kitten is currently eating along with Primal. I looked at Nature's Logic and was hoping I could get some opinions on this food. Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner Fare Feline Canned Formula: Rabbit...
  8. faeleen

    Bedtime behavior?

    My kitten has started sleeping under the sheets next to me- she's there all night or when she wants a nap during the day. Does anyone else's cat sleep under the sheets with them? Cute but weird!
  9. faeleen

    Kitten Vaccinations

    My girl got her first set of kitten shots on the May 26th- so she is going to be due again this week for her 2nd. Can you guys please let me know what vaccines they get for he 2nd set? Appreciate it!
  10. faeleen

    Raw/Primal Help

    Hello, The last 2 days I have been giving my cats Primal Turkey (frozen) mixed with a little bit of canned Nulo for breakfast and lunch, and just regular canned for dinner. Is it ok to mix the 2 together? Why does it recommend it be fed in stainless steel bowls? Can I heat up the raw? They all...
  11. faeleen


    Fae (8weeks), has an URI and has been on antibiotics so far 3/10 days. She also take 250mg of L-lysine a day per vet also. Her sneezing and wheezing are doing so much better already. However, her eyes are still really runny with green boogers. The rims of her eyes are slightly red still but...
  12. faeleen


    I have my kitten on blue wilderness kitten and she like it ok. I have enough for about another week or two- However I got some really good coupon when I adopted her and I can get BOGO trays of a variety. CANIDAE life stages looks like the best of them and is decently priced so I can get a good...
  13. faeleen

    Bathroom time?

    Fae has been spending a lot of time out and about- she runs around the house and plays- All good things! She is so full of energy, which I can understand after being in a cage a the humane society. Anyway, since she spends so much time out with us, should there be designated potty times where...
  14. faeleen


    So my kitten, Fae (8weeks), cries hysterically at night. I've only had her a few days but each night she has slept in bed with me up on my pillows. This is the only way she will sleep through the night. Does anyone else let kittens this young sleep with them? My others sleep with me, but are...
  15. faeleen

    Meet my bunches!

    My babies- StellaLuna (black 6yrs.), Nyx (blk&white 3yrs.) and Faeleen AKA Fae (blk&white long haired 8weeks) All rescues! My name is Britney, thank you all for having me here! :wavey:
  16. faeleen

    Potty hair problems

    My 8 week old long haired kitten has been getting poop stick on her long hairs on her butt and back legs- would it be wrong to trim it down at least while she finishes her antibiotics and her feces firms up a bit?
  17. faeleen

    Enough nutrition?

    So I posted previously about Nulo brand, but decided to just go with something I'm more familiar with- blue buffalo indoor kitten wet food. My kitten (8 week old, Fae) will be getting this 3x a day as well as free feeding Primitive Earthborn Holistic dry food. Does this seem like a good combo...
  18. faeleen

    Anything else I can do?

    So I adopted my little girl 2 days ago from the humane society- she is 8 weeks old and has been spayed. I took her to her follow up appointment at the vet yesterday morning and she has herpes a respiratory infection and worms. She got her sutures out (from spay), dewormed, treated for ear mites...
  19. faeleen

    Nulo Wet Food

    Can I please get some opinions on Nulo brand wet food for my newly adopted kitten? Much appreciated!