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    Thinking of Breeding Your Cat?

    Its become fairly common practice for people in average households to breed their cats. Many hold off on neutering just in case they plan to breed at some point. But there is a lot of risk and expense in breeding, and we as pet owners really need to consider how well equipped we are when it...
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    Avoiding Urinary Tract Problems - Advice

    I work at a vet clinic, and I have seen my fair share of horror stories. Today, a male cat came in with bladder stones the size of unground pepper corns and in immense pain. Seeing as urinary issues in cats (stones, CKD etc) are such common issues nowadays, it kind of got me thinking that it...
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    What Do You Feed Your Cat?

    I want to here what diet you all have your kitties on! Main diet, feed routines, favourite brands, supplements, toppers, treats, the lot. If you give supplements, be sure to put why you feed them. I want this thread to help others who need some inspiration. Would also love to here recipes for...
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    Vomiting - Not Hairballs?

    I have a 1 year old neutered male cat who is vomiting frequently. For reference, he vomited on the 7th, the 11th and the 20th of July. The vomit is tube like, contains partially digested food and some grass. He was vomiting every few weeks before this, but I have finally started recording what...
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    HELP Cat Obsessed with Photo Frames

    My cat has suddenly become obsessed with photo frames. He found a gecko behind one once and now insists on checking behind every frame to try and find something. However, he almost knocks them down when he performs his inspections. I have removed all photos in the main living areas, but those...
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    Cat Vomiting

    I have a 1 year old neutered male cat who has vomited 3 times in the span of 10 days. His appetite is good, he has plenty of energy and isn't acting any different. Each time, the vomit has happened about 10 minutes after our daily walk outside. It doesn't happen every time, just on those...
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    How do you prepare your raw?

    Just made up some fresh batches today, even had some left over for the dogs! I like to freeze in muffin trays and then pop them out into an airtight container. One muffin is one meal. How do you prepare and store your raw meals?
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    What scented candles do you all use that are safe for your cats? I love a good candle lit bath at the end of a long week, but unfortunately my cats are perverts and will scream to be let in with me. Actually I think they just enjoy the warm steam and company, they like to nap on the bath mat...
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    My Kitten Won't Eat Much?

    My kitten is just over 4 months old, and he's around 2.5kg. He is the most active little thing, and he's not underfed, so to speak. However, he doesn't seem to eat much. His appetite is definitely present, he lets me know when he is hungry and begs consistently at meal times. He also seems to...
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    Empty Nest Syndrome

    So...all of my fosters have gone to new homes as of today. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy but wow, never thought I'd miss the hustle and bustle of a full house this much. Just a little backstory: I fostered a mama cat and her 7 kittens for nearly two months. Mama came pregnant with her...
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    Dine vs Whiska

    I don't currently feed either of these brands, but I see them in stores everywhere, so I was wondering, which wet food is better, Dine or Whiska?
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    A Little Fishy...

    So I want to start adding more fish into my cats' diet. I am planning on giving 1/4 of a cup of fish each once a week. My questions are: Raw or cooked? So far they have loved raw, but I want to know what's best and why. What type of fish? They love sardines and cod, but I am unsure on what...
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    Greenies and Teeth

    My cats love Greenies. Great, I thought, it will help clean their teeth for me! Except... one of my cats doesn't chew his Greenies. He just straight up swallows them. At first this concerned me cause it could be a choking hazard. But it also concerned me that the Greenies can have no effect on...