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  1. catloverfromwayback

    Does it matter which order you give Cisapride and laxative (Osmolax, Miralax etc) doses?

    Daisy’s doing very well on her Cisapride and Osmolax combination for megacolon so far. Normally I give her Cisapride first, then her Osmolax two hours later. Generally she’s become pretty good about taking her capsules, but this morning she managed to spit it out without me noticing. I give it...
  2. catloverfromwayback

    They help SO MUCH with my knitting.

    I couldn’t get anything done without Phoebe and Daisy’s supurrvision!
  3. catloverfromwayback

    Does anyone know a good app for recording food, meds etc?

    I’ve been recording Daisy’s poos, food and medications on Notes on my iPad. I’ve been looking around on the App store and Googling for something more structured, like a calendar more or less, but that isn’t loaded with cutesy cartoons (ugh) or requiring email addresses and registration...
  4. catloverfromwayback

    Recurring constipation, vets don’t seem to know why, appetite down

    My 4yo spayed cat has been going for a month with this, her second bout of constipation since January. I don’t see her straining and she hasn’t vomited. She’s been on three 3ml doses of Lactulose since this started, and at first improved but then went right back to not defecating for - it was 60...
  5. catloverfromwayback

    Hello from Downunder

    Hi all, nice to find this site! I’ve lived with cats all my life, wouldn’t want to be without them. My current pair are Phoebe (dilute tortie) and Daisy (grey bicolour). I’ve had Phoebe about six years, Daisy ten months. Both were rescues - the only cat I’ve had who wasn’t from a shelter was a...