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  1. Tuxedocatwoman79

    Need help!!!

    I adopted 2 kittens in December, 5 months old. One acts like I'm going to cut his tail off instead of trim his nails. He runs from me all day but gets in my bed at night. How do I trim his nails? Please don't suggest the kitty burrito. He tried to rip my eyes out when he THOUGHT I was gonna cut...
  2. Tuxedocatwoman79

    So confused

    I adopted two 5 month old kittens. Gazoo was my bff at the shelter and when I got them home. Gizmo had to stay in a room for a few days because he had just been neutered. Once Gizmo came out, Gazoo started running from me and wants no to do with me until bedtime. I've had them since December...