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  1. Kal_shadowsmom

    Stubborn Cat

    Hi everyone, Here's the situation: In the last week Shadow has been very finicky about food. She gets fed 4 small meals of wet food a day with dry food for the overnight. She will eat her dry food, eat her dinner and usually eat her breakfast. Lately she's been turning her nose up in the...
  2. Kal_shadowsmom

    Weird Question I Was Asked

    Ok, so let me set this up: I was working last night, I work in a convenience store. It's a small independent store in a relatively small town. This customer comes in, and I see him a few times a week maybe two or three. I've never had any conversations with him, other than the normal customer...
  3. Kal_shadowsmom

    Something Wrong

    I realized just a few minutes ago, there is something wrong with me. I'm at work and a customer brought their baby in. I tried really hard to be "aww she's cute" but in my head I'm "meh, tiny human". Then I thought back to when someone brought in a kitten. I was holding it and talking to it...
  4. Kal_shadowsmom

    Let's Talk About Poop!

    Ok, so I recently switched Shadow to Natures Variety Rabbit LID. She's doing great on it, no flare ups of itchiness, but... her poo really REALLY stinks. It smells up the whole laundry and mud rooms, which are attached to one another. Is this normal for this food? She's doing so well on it...
  5. Kal_shadowsmom

    Am I A Terrible Cat Mom?

    I'm beating myself up right now. Shadow has fleas. She was at the vet a month ago for her skin irritation and even after the visit she didn't improve as much as she should have. The visit didn't go well. The vet tech scruffed shadow, which I didn't like, and then the vet took her out of my...
  6. Kal_shadowsmom

    Hypoallergenic Shampoos

    Hi everyone, I've been having ongoing issues with Shadows skin irritation and the monthly $200 dollar visits to the vet. I have been thinking about bathing her but with the ongoing skin irritation I'm not sure what a good shampoo would be to not compact the issues. Any recommendations?
  7. Kal_shadowsmom

    Do Your Cats Knead?

    So, earlier I was watching a video on YouTube and it showed a cat kneading a blanket. I stopped and thought "Huh...Shadow doesn't knead at all." My last cat Holly, kneaded all the time, but shadow just gets into position and flops. So I want to know, does your cat or cats knead?
  8. Kal_shadowsmom

    Hills Z/d And Allergies

    Hi everyone, Before posting this, I searched the forums for Hills Z/D and didn't really find what I was looking for. This week, after shadows vet visit, and a recommendation from the vet, we are slowly transitioning over from Wellness Core turkey and duck food to Hills Z/D. She has been...
  9. Kal_shadowsmom

    Eating Habits Changed

    Hi everyone, So short story time. A few days ago when I was waking up, I noticed Shadow wasn't getting in my face and trying to help wake me up.(shes been doing this since I changed work schedules). It was still dark in the house (4:45am) and so I just got up and started my day. As I am...
  10. Kal_shadowsmom

    Who Plays Fetch?

    So, Shadow and I had a very intense, 20 minute fetch session today. I bought her some of these fuzzy mice a few days ago and she absolutely loves them. When I bought the same fuzzy mice a year ago I found them both buried in her litter box. Haha I thought maybe she didn't like them because of...
  11. Kal_shadowsmom

    Intros And Stuff

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums, and just wanted to introduce myself and my furry overlord. I am a huge animal lover and have taken care of all sorts, ranging from bunnies to lizards. Nowadays, I'm owned by Shadow, my (almost) two year old gray DSH. Shadow was something of a rescue cat...
  12. Kal_shadowsmom

    Help From Those Who Understand

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to posting on the forums, but I have been reading posts for some time.(usually to get insight into the weird things my Shadow does) I had a bit of a problem tonight and needed to voice my frustration, and hurt feelings. My father, who lives with me, said something...