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  1. faeleen

    Grooming a finicky kitten.

    Hi guys! I know I haven't posted in a bit but I was hoping for some input on something for me. My kitten FaeLeen is now 7months old and finally finished with all her shots until next year, woot! Those who may remember know we have struggle pretty badly with her stomach issues but thankful she...
  2. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    Update: Yesterday was Fae's first day on the new anti diarrhea meds, we all switched her to some dry food and wet ID at night. The vets has her finishing her course of antibiotics and she went back in today for her second dose of meds. So far no more upset tummy! When she went in for her meds...
  3. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    Everything came back negative at the vet- they started her on another anti diarrhea medication. I'm unable to give it to her myself at home, so she will be going in once a day for the next five days to get it, as well as starting on a id diet. They really don't have any explanation other than...
  4. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    It's 1:30am and I'm just finally going to bed it's been a difficult night- Fae's diarrhea is now pure liquid and she she started burping earlier this evening which lead to a big projectile vomit later in the night. She had to get cleaned up multiple times and wasn't happy about it. She wanted to...
  5. faeleen

    Food sensitivities

    Hello! Can anyone recommend what I should feed (wet) my kitten with possible food sensitivities? Or at least where I should start with the process?
  6. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    She's doing good other then the diarrhea. The vet did a psychical (no temp). She is now on a week long course of antibiotics. We have to watch her and make sure she is getting enough fluids- by Thursday if she isn't any better (regardless that she hasn't finish the meds), we need to bring her...
  7. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    Thank for your responses! She has been tested for giardia I know for sure and came back negative, the other I will need to double check with my vet that it will be tested. Can any of you recommend a diet (wet) that might help if she is having food sensitivities? Or at least where to start?
  8. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    Fae is still not any better- she has finished her coarse of deworming and the anti-diarrhea meds didn't help much. Will be bringing another sample for the vet today but I think after our last convo she will be put on an antibiotic for any intestinal bacteria that may be causing this. This has...
  9. faeleen

    Merrick grain free canned cat food

    My 3 cats love Merrick canned! Use both morsels and pates :)
  10. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    The vet did decide to deworm her for the 3rd time with a medicine that works on a more broad range of parasites. He did not find anything under the microscope though. We are also sending out for another culture. She will be on the dewormer for a week along with a anti-diarrhea med that the vet...
  11. faeleen

    Upset tummy

    My kitten, Fae (who just turned 4 months) has had tummy issues the last week. She started having diarrhea and I though maybe it was the probiotic I add to all of my cats food. I have stopped to see if it helped but she stated getting a hemorrhoid and really bad gas. She is seeing the vet in a...
  12. faeleen

    What conversation did you have with your cat today?

    I repeatedly told StellaLuna to get her butt outta my face, lol.
  13. faeleen

    Kitten with breathing issues please help

    If the breathing problems are caused by wheezing or congestion- try running a warm shower and bringing the little one in the bathroom with the steam- might help some.
  14. faeleen

    alternative to fish oil for home-made raw food

    I'm new with raw myself so correct me if I'm wrong, but how about sardines as an occasional treat for the same benefits?
  15. faeleen

    A happy ending story and advice needed.

    She sounds a lot like my cat, Nyx. I adopted her as a feral when she was a year old and after having her for a year she was at the same point- here we are 2 years after I adopted her and she sleeps in my arms every night, and seeks out my attention constantly. Your girl might not be the same...
  16. faeleen

    Help! - Family Emergency - How To Feed Cat During Absence?

    Wet food should be able to sit out for 8 hours max- give them extra and maybe leave some treats out for them? I would put out some dry anyways. I've never been away from my cats for more then 12 hours without someone else home, so I can't give the best advice :(
  17. faeleen

    How important is meat variety?

    I'll mix duck/chicken, duck/beef, turkey/beef, lamb/chicken and so on- I think as long there are not any protein sensitivities and they like it, go at it!
  18. Purring Machine?

    Purring Machine?

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  20. faeleen

    Purring Machine?

    Thanks! She very fearless and happy- she's really brought my 3 yr. old cat, Nyx (who we adopted as a feral) out of her shell too. I got really lucky there is such a good balance between everyone :) Her and Nyx-