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    12 Year Old Cat And 3 Mo Old Kitten- What To Feed Both?

    Any suggestions for a "all stages" food?
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    12 Year Old Cat And 3 Mo Old Kitten- What To Feed Both?

    Can anyone suggest a dry food that might work for both of them? The 12 year old is constantly eating the kitten's food. I have been feeding her Purina one hairball formula for years since she is prone to hairballs being very fluffy. She is slightly overweight. The kitten came eating Blue buffalo...
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    Which of the two to pick?

    I would stick with the nutro max for now. Here is my reasoning. The beyond just came out. It may end up being discontinued after a few months.
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    Oh baby!

    Try not to worry too much about the BF post c-section thing. As soon as I got back in my room DS was brought to me and I had lots of help from the nurses. It didn't seem like too long. And try not to be induced if you can- maybe you are there having DD right now, but I was, but I think I was...
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    What breed or breed mix is this cat?

    Definitely has Van markings. But yeah, without papers you have a DLH cat, which is just fine!
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    Mac and Cheese recipe please

    I like to make it with sour cream instead of milk! I craved it when I was PG!
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    Adult Cat Age?

    My oldest is 7 so it is hard for me to judge. It seems to depend on the cat but they are still pretty crazy in the younger years. I have a wild 3 year old.
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    Oh baby!

    Woohoo! I was nesting for most of the second half of my pregnancy. I can't tell you how many times I rearranged his clothes. I was induced but there was a reason DS didn't come out- big head narrow pelvis. Had a c-section but it really wasn't that bad at all.
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    Is this a good deal on a swing/playset?

    NOt a bad deal. I have the one referenced above. Got an okay deal directly through Little Tikes. Agree, offer 150.
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    Wow, our little girl has grown up! (WellingtonCats)

    Happy birthday! Time certainly flies, when I joined you were in high school.
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    How unhealthy is

    I tend to be middle of the road with what my kitties eat.. I won't feed the dry meow mix as I think it is total junk, but they do have the wet once in awhile.
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    Child care costs

    It costs about 200-250 week here. I paid 243 when DS went fulltime and now that he is 3 days week it is 177/week. The price lowers slightly when he turns 3.
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    do the cats know I'm pregnant??

    Yes I think they do. And when DS was little and I was breastfeeding him *all* the time I swear they understood what was going on.
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    The furless (human!) TCS babies!

    Hope this works, here is a pic of my furless kid at about 14 months!
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    Rosie, Sophie and Jack

    I have missed seeing pics of your cats.. Still can't get over how much Sophie looks like my Zakk, except for the ears.
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    Sensative Subject!......Sex Question

    Agree with spaying her. What if she gets out? BTW I have seen Zak & Suzie doing something that looked a lot like sex and they are both fixed.
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    I'm back

    Thanks! I'm seeing some familiar kitty faces!
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    Remembering Hope

    I am truly sorry to hear this, I have been away for a few years and certainly remember her. I remember when another TCS member passed away, it certainly leaves a shock.