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  1. cyndilaupurrr

    My Champion Mouser

    One of the reasons I got Cyndi last winter was to help with the mice problem in my cottage so far she has 8 and am pretty sure the word has spread cause have not seen evidence of or heard a mouse in a while. So managed to capture the action in this video, sorry the lighting and video sux, was 3...
  2. cyndilaupurrr

    Erratic and Frantic Kitten

    Last night Cyndi caught a mouse , she was making a rukus and when I got up to investigate found she had trapped it in the bathroom  and when i opened the door she ran to the kitchen with it where she dropped it and it got away. The problem is now this morning she is behaving very weird, she is...
  3. cyndilaupurrr

    Tabby or not Tabby, That is the question.

    Have to apologise for the pun, could not resist.  So when I bought Cyndi the breeder described her as a Maine Coon Silver Grey/Tortoishell Tabby I being no expert took her word for it but am not so sure now since the vet I took her to wasn't sure and also because now almost every cat I see...
  4. cyndilaupurrr

    HaHa the Jokes on him

    Hello everbuddy I have  funny story that will make you giggle,  My daddy doesn't like it when I jump on the table and stick my nose in his food so of course no matter how many times he said no I would get right back up again. So what he did was give me a place to sit and share some human food...
  5. cyndilaupurrr

    Cyndi's Quick Tip # 1 What to do for a teething Kitten

    So I decided that I would share some of my Daddys tricks and tips he has learned from the internet and some he thought of himself...hehehe he isn't as dumb as he looks Well everybody thanks for reading and if you liked this tip please let me know and I will post more when I am not too  busy...
  6. cyndilaupurrr

    Hi again

    Just wanted to say a quick hello, I posted earlier but it seems to have vanished. Am busy exploring the site but do say hello back if you have time  
  7. cyndilaupurrr

    Girls just wanna have fun

    Well I must say this site looks a lot more fun than the other one I joined last week, As well it seems their are a lot more features so my daddy can show everyone all the pics and videos he has taken of me. Were not sure what all the buttons do yet but we will figure it out and when we do will...