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  1. JMJimmy

    Urgent: Ideas Needed

    Mama has been sick for some time and losing weight. He's showing pain signs, vomiting a LOT (5-7 times a day) despite not eating much of anything. His blood tests (wellness profile + pancreas) are normal except for elevated SDMA (21) and low ALP. X-rays showed nothing other than minor...
  2. JMJimmy

    Where To Turn?

    Mama has always had issues with vomiting, it was minor and nothing popped on his blood work when we got his teeth cleaned last year. The vomiting started to intensify and he was loosing weight so we took him to the vet. 0.5mg of Omeprazole and instead of running for the bedroom when we got...
  3. JMJimmy

    Liquid Glucosamine

    Hey all, I'm going to run this by my vet first, however, I thought I'd ask here to see what others have done. I'm looking into glucosamine supplements in case our Scottish Fold does start presenting with joint issues. Since pilling is such a pain I was looking into liquid forms. Any...
  4. JMJimmy

    Multi-cat feeding problems

    We're up to 5 cats now and we've run into a bit of a problem.  2 of our cats are grazers - they like to nibble on a little bit here and there and don't go for the big meals.  Especially Mama who vomits everything if he eats too much at once.  2 don't care either way and are quite healthy.  The...
  5. JMJimmy

    Seasonal Goopy Eye?

    Out of nowhere Scotty got a goopy eye (light coloured goop) and his eye sealed shut.  He had this last year around this time when we brought him in and it continued for most of the summer then cleared up on it's own.  It was good for 5-6 months then just reappeared.  It's only 1 eye, there's no...
  6. JMJimmy

    Objective View - Peeing Issues

    Hey All, I'm very much over sensitive about watching for the signs of urinary blockage (due to what happened with one of our cats).   I am almost sure I am over-reacting here but I wanted to get an objective 3rd party opinion. Junior (~2 year old male) was in the litter box the other day with...
  7. JMJimmy


    Some time ago we lost Sissy to acute liver failure and I finally followed up with my vet to get the results of the testing that was done days before his passing.  We never understood the cause and it's always bothered me.  The ultrasound was clean which means our thought that it might have been...
  8. JMJimmy

    New Behaviour for me

    I've been watching the interactions between our 3 rescues and our 2 new ones very closely.  Most of it is pretty normal and obvious but something transpired a short time ago that has me a little stumped. Scotty, a now very tubby Scottish Fold rescue, was sleeping in a cat bed near the...
  9. JMJimmy


    We've got our two new kitties in isolation and we've encountered a strange issue.  Both will use the litter box readily but we're finding poo stains all over the floor... it's like they stepped in it and spread it around but there's no source for where they stepped in it, it doesn't look like...
  10. JMJimmy

    Challenges of bringing in more

    We're looking to expand our cat family by bringing in 3 new colony cats and have some significant challenges that I could use some advice on: Julius - male TNR'ed in 2012, bonded with Morgan Morgan - female 1-2 years old, bonded with Julius Bobbie - female, >1 year old, tailless...
  11. JMJimmy

    Cat Vomitting

    We have a cat that has started to vomit up his food on a regular basis.  We decided to change up his diet and feed wet food exclusively to see if that might be the issue, that worked for about a week before more vomit this morning.  The cat is refusing to eat a fair number of things (fish/turkey...
  12. JMJimmy

    Profender Allwormer

    Has anyone had any experience with Profender Allwormer?  Is it effective and do the weights & dosages proscribed line up with real world results?
  13. JMJimmy

    A surprise family. Asking for your help.

    We've recently been adopted by a quartet of strays in a matter of weeks and simply do not have the funds to get them spayed/neutered & vaccinated.  They are starting to become a family unit and while I hate to ask strangers for money like this, you do what you need to for them.  A brief version...
  14. JMJimmy


    One of our rescues has started, as we call it, 'tripping' and I'm not exactly sure what to make of it.  It started after a particularly good batch of catnip where she'd run around in spurts.  Nothing unusual about that, but it's how she ran and the fact that it's continued the next day makes it...
  15. JMJimmy

    Strange happenings

    We live on a ground floor apartment and there have always been a fair number of cats in the area.  In the past they just walk by on top of the fence and we think nothing of it.  However, in the past week things have gotten really weird.  It started with one tabby coming to our patio door and...